Delhi-based Samshek says size no bar, it’s time for customised fashion

The non-contact technology can be used to capture the shape of a human body via a line of laser lights or a camera.

In the era of fast-changing fashion, where about 3.8 billion clothes are being dumped annually in the world, Delhi-based start-up Samshék effectively combines technology and fashion to solve two major problems of the garment industry – sizing and sustainability.

The company delivers clothing that fits into any body size or type and runs a campaign named #sizenobar.

Measurements are being taken by a 3D body scanner in Samshék stores that extracts 150 measurements in five seconds with an accuracy rate of 99.9 per cent, said Abhishek Bajaj, co-founder. “A 3D body scanner takes measurements of your body. You are required to stand in front of the body scanner wearing a body suit. You have to stand and hold the rails while the machine scans.

The scanner is connected to an app, and once the scan is completed, it automatically displays your measurements within five seconds. The data collected helps in creating a digitalised system for virtual styling platform, which analyses what clothing can be worn according to what body type,” Abhishek said.

The non-contact technology can be used to capture the shape of a human body via a line of laser lights or a camera, Abhishek added.

Explaining how it solves sizing issues, Samiksha Bajaj, co-founder, Samshék, said, “It helps eliminate the retail sizing standards and accept personalised measurement system to deliver the accurate fit in each garment, solving the issue. The company has a digital option to input one’s personalised measurements at their store and online as well.”

On the sustainability front, Samiksha said they work towards zero waste policy and keep digital inventory instead of actual inventory. “Each and every garment order is made for the first time and hence, industrial waste is minimal. Digital inventory leads to no excess unused inventory, which ultimately leads to no or less waste. The textile industry is the second-largest polluter and we try to minimise this level,” she said.

The tech start-up that aims to replace mass production with mass customisation, offers custom-made European outfits like corporate shirts, dresses, tops and jumpsuits ranging from casual to evening look. “Order placed from the store is delivered within 48 hours. If you have ordered online, delivery is done within five days across India,” she said.

Targeting customers, especially women above the age of 35, the company’s scanning technology helps in bridging the gap between custom-made and ready-to-wear clothes, helping in personalising the retail experience. “After a certain age, women bodies start to change and they become unsure about their size. In such a case, body scan proves to be very helpful as they help them analyse their body measurements and shop accordingly,” said Samiksha.

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