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Buyhatke is one of the established and proven price comparison sites where you can see the best deals and offers from leading online platforms like FlipKart and Amazon.

Are you in the online business scenario? Looking for ways to develop your business? You will want to make the most of every tool available online. Growing an online business is all about increasing your reach and placing your products before the interested customers. Advertising and marketing campaigns can do wonders in business growth, but have you considered using a price comparison browser extension? Also called Price Comparison Engines or price analysis tools, these are the all-inclusive way to grow an online business and reach new customers.

Buyhatke is one of the established and proven price comparison sites where you can see the best deals and offers from leading online platforms like Flipkart and Amazon. This is basically a vertical search engine where you can search a product and the browser extension will give you a list of products that match with your price rates. Thus, you can compare prices of similar products in one single platform! Keep in mind that Buyhatke does not sell the products itself. It simply directs you to the online shop or platform where you can buy the products. Products that are part of Buyhatke will connect customers back to the sales funnel.

Importance of comparison engines like Buyhatke

Online business uses price comparison extensions to worth their business over the internet. And, why you should choose Buyhatke is simply answered through the benefits and features it offers. A lot of advantageous benefits are being experienced by Buyhatke customers for their online business. Some of the major features of the price comparison engine is explained below.

Products reach more customers

This is the obvious reason why you should go for Buyhatke for your products online. It ensures that your products are reaching more customers than any other comparison site could have. It helps direct customers to the sales funnel.  Normally, a customer who compare shops is not just browsing but also in a purchasing mindset. They will spend money soon, and when they see your products on the comparison platform and like the price, they will probably make a purchase. Comparison shopping has become common among online customers. Studies say that around 80% shoppers will make a thorough inquiry before they purchase. And, they will compare prices over the internet platform before they step into an offline store. So, it is important to be on the price comparison platform like Buyhatke where effective price comparison is made possible.

You get to know what your competitors offer

Yes, another advantage of using Buyhatke is that you can easily and effectively know what your close competitors offer for the same product. When you become part of a price comparison site like Buyhatke, you can see which of your competitors pops up in the search of the product you sell. This will help you add your insight at how your competitors pile up to you. You can check what they offer and how much price they tag for the products they sell. This way, you will be able to improve your selling strategies that ensure you are always ahead of your competitors.

Obvious price history graph

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This seems to be a unique feature of Buyhatke. Here you can see the price history of particular products displayed on popular shopping platforms like FlipKart and Amazon. Price history is actually a record of the changes in the rate tag of a product over time. At Buyhatke, this is represented in graph format and shows the previous rates of a product, the date when the rate was changed and the current tag. With this added feature, customers can easily determine price trends, whether it is increasing or decreasing, and if it is the right time to purchase a product based on previous rates. This tool also helps find the best deals and discounts on a product. Online retailers can also use the tool to check their competitors’ prices and adjust their rates accordingly. Thus, price history graph at Buyhatke is a beneficial tool for both customers and retailers to optimize their money while shopping.

Coupons and deals

At Buyhatke, you know the best deals with real-time offers, pricing and availability. Automatic product search helps you save a lot of time when shopping. You can create your wishlist and collaborate with your friends and family members. At this one single easy-to-use extension, you can wishlist everything, compare prices and find coupons and best deals. Best prices can be instantly found and also the exclusive coupons at this browser extension. You can save money each time you shop as the platform compares every single retailer that sells similar items. This is the one-stop shop for wishlisting, price comparison and best deals and coupon codes available. When you shop for a product online, Buyhatke searches millions of products over thousands of stores in real-time and get you the lowest tags and best discount codes available.

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Price alert in real-time

Looking for the lowest price on your next shopping? Here comes the advantage of Buyhatke Price alert tool! You get instant price alerts when retailers decrease their rates and thus, maximizing your savings. Buyhatke utilizes the power of date and customers are ensured with the best price possible in the market. Price tracker at Buyhatke works in a different way and changes the way you shop online.

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