Co-pilot a flight over your city

Co-pilot a flight over your city

Bangaloreans now have a chance to see the garden city from the air sitting in a conventional two-seater aircraft and flying at low altitude. Enjoy microlight flying on STOL (Short Take off and Landing) aircraft which will give a life time experience of sitting in the cockpit as a co-pilot and feeling the controls of the aircraft. The whole experience for a sortie of fifteen minutes will cost you just `3000.

With the aim of making India a hotspot for adventure sports, pilot Rency Thomas took up initiative through his company, Live 360 degree. He wanted people to have a  bird's eye view of the city through this flying experience. "I started flying with NCC air wing after I got the PPL (Private Pilot Licence). I always wanted to take up some kind of adventure activity, which prompted me to take the first step to give a different experience to people. Our first initiative started on 9th December. Everybody who flew the two-seater, Zenair aircraft, had an amazing experience," said Rency, adding, "The flight will fly very low at an average of 1200 - 1700 feet."

Currently the flight will operate from Jakkur airfield for which they have got permission. "The main issue is that Yelanhaka air force station and HAL airport are in close proximity which ends with limited air space. So we take a big circuit through which the passenger can see the whole of Bangalore," he explained.

The flight timings will be either in the morning between 0600 - 1130 or in the evening between 1530 - 1830.

"These timings are selected so that you can have a perfect air experience with good scenic views. The best time to fly is during sunrise and sunset," said Rency.

The only catch is that a minimum of four members is required along with a prior notice of 10 days. "Confirmed members have to carry a photo id with them for security clearances at the airbase. Kids above 12 years are allowed to board the flight," he said.

23-year-old software engineer, Shabbir Kahodawala had a great experience taking the flight. He said. "A normal citizen getting to fly a plane is a wonderful experience. I was under the impression that I will be just sitting while the pilot will take me around. But the surprising part was that I was the co-pilot. From the take off to the landing, he gave me the control. He was supervising. I can now brag about the fact that I flew a two-seater aircraft," he said.

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