'My father, grandpa taught me to cook'

BENGALURU: Chef Kunal Kapoor reveals the secret to his weight loss and to the scrumptious food he cooks.

What do you like about avocados?

It happened two years ago. I weighed 99 kgs and would gasp after climbing stairs. As I was worried that it could lead to more complications, I moved to healthier lifestyle. I made a diet routine. It helped me lose 20 kgs in a year without going to gym. I realised the importance of eating healthy and that is when avocados stuck me. I started experimenting with it. It has got high fibre content and is a good source of Vitamin E.

Is eating healthy challenging?

It is like you are in a chocolate factory. They are there in front of you but you cannot eat (laughs).

How can avocados be used?

You can make avocado lassi, stuff them in parantha and also use in kebabs or as pizza toppings.

You got your cooking lessons from your grandpa and father…

My father and grandfather were Sunday cooks. It used to be a non-veg day. They would cook chicken and mutton. As my grandfather would prepare semiya kheer, I would sit on the kitchen counter and watch.

Your favourite food…

I love home-cooked food like yellow dal, roti and sabji more.

Tell us about your stint with The Foodies Come to America.

It was a good experience. In India, people eat classic food classic way. For example, they eat butter chicken with roti. People there like to experiment with the desi food. I had pear chutney with kebabs. It was refreshing.

A memorable moment…

When I became a professional chef, my family had come over and I cooked meal for them. I prepared mutton for my dad.

I felt happy to see a smile while they relished the food I made.

If not a chef, then?

My family wanted me to become a banker. I might have become one and that would have been disastrous (laughs).

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