You can alter pickup time if shift changes has set an excellent example of how to go green in a city like Bengaluru.

BENGALURU: has set an excellent example of how to go green in a city like Bengaluru. The two-and-a-half-year-old start-up ferries over 500 employees back and forth from work and makes 4,500 trips a month. It’s fleet of 50 hatchback cars uses only CNG and LPG.

Prashanth Y R, CTO,, said, “Right now we offer the beta version of our app. The app tells you where the cab is. You can change the pick up time if your shift changes. All cabs are GPS-tracked and there is a panic button both in the cab and the app. Also, once the address is fed into the system, navigation becomes easy. There’s no hassle of creating trip sheets, faking bills, calling the drivers repeatedly for directions and estimated time of arrival.”

Asked what the drivers have got to benefit, CEO Bhaskar Chavda said, “They stand to gain around `50,000 per month and there are fixed working hours. You don’t have to worry about where your next trip will lead you. Also, you have the satisfaction of running on eco-friendly fuels. We explain to the drivers who approach us.”
The app is functional only in Bengaluru. The companies it caters to have a minimum of 10 employees and a maximum of 4,000 employees. The firm would also like to employ ex-servicemen and women. There are none at present. “We tied up with Army Welfare Placement Node to encourage sainiks or those who used to be with the short service commission to join us. But we haven’t gotten any,” Bhaskar added.

Dayanandan M, director, administration, Nalasha Solutions Pvt Ltd, said, “Around 20 employees use and the service has been great so far. We have used traditional vendors before and there’s far more discipline, training and education in these cab drivers. We can also track our employees during pick-up and drop.” does a criminal background check before hiring cab drivers. The start-up does not provide the vehicles but the cab owners attach their vehicles with the start-up.

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