Go lunar for a stronger spine

The half-moon pose is an advanced asana requiring strong constitution as well as will power and is for those whose bodies are sturdy and flexible

Published: 22nd March 2017 10:27 PM  |   Last Updated: 23rd March 2017 11:01 AM   |  A+A-

■ Take a wide stance and point the right toes to the right and left toes about 30 degrees right. 
■ Stretch the upper body laterally to the right so that your right shoulder glides over your right foot. 
■ Bend the right knee and place the right hand on the floor about 1-2 feet beyond the right foot. 
■ Drag the left foot towards the right foot and then exhale and lift the left leg off the floor at the same time straighten the right leg on which you are standing. 
■ The right arm will also be straight. Find your balance and adjust your torso so that your chest is parallel to the front- do not allow your left shoulder to collapse towards the right shoulder. 
■ Keep the left leg well lifted so that your left hip is pulled away from the right hip. Your left hand may be on your left hip or outstretched. 
■ In the final pose you may look up at your left fingers.

■ This pose develops the legs and strengthens the knee. 
■ It cures lower spine ailments as circulation improves. This also cures gastric troubles.

Anshu Vyas Seetharaman is a yoga and fitness trainer at Sri Aurobindo Society, Bengaluru. (110 Gangadhara Chetty Road, Ulsoor) 

The focus of this pose is to look up at the hand, this gives a cue to the left shoulder and hip to also stay elevated.

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