Another Bengaluru lake bites the dust?

At least 50 dead fish were found floating in Kithaganur lake, residents allege garbage and sewage are regularly dumped in it
Kithaganur residents say garbage and debris are frequently dumped at the lake
Kithaganur residents say garbage and debris are frequently dumped at the lake

BENGALURU: The woes of the lakes in Bengaluru never seems to end. While there have been earlier instances of dead fish floating at Ulsoor lake, Seegehalli lake and even Madiwala lake due to pollution, one more lake has now joined this list. Early on Monday, residents in Kithaganur village were shocked to discover at least 50 dead fish floating at the Kithaganur lake, located after TC Palya Road in East Bengaluru.

Approximately 50 dead fish
were found floating in the lake

A resident who was on morning walk noticed something floating in the lake. On taking a closer look, she found out that a number of dead fish were floating in the lake. “When I saw the dead fish, I was shocked. It was very depressing. For about an hour, I just kept looking at the dead fish,” said the resident, who did not wish to be identified.

Another resident, 47-year-old Ramesh Reddy, said 10 years ago people used to drink water from this lake, but today dead fish are floating in it. “In the 1980s, the lake was in a beautiful condition. People staying in nearby localities used to come and spend hours on end near the lake. I remember I could even drink water from the lake. It was so pure and clean. But now we can’t even think of drinking it,” he rued.

Reddy said the lake has been in a pathetic state and is on the verge of dying. “All waste water from houses enter the lake through drains making it look awful and leaves behind a foul stench. Further, when it rains, the drains overflow into the lake. Even villagers come and wash their clothes here. We have told the panchayat fence the lake and divert the drains, but nothing has been done,” said Reddy.

According to residents, there has been frequent dumping of garbage and debris in the lake. “Last year, when this used to happen, we had informed the panchayat and they took action to stop it. But now when we stop the tractors carrying waste, the drivers say they were ordered by the panchayat. But when we ask the panchayat members, they say they have no clue about it,” said another resident.

Zilla Panchayat president Manjula Kumari said they have been alerted by the residents about the condition of the lake.

“We are planning to constitute a team of officials and survey the lake. Even dumping of waste will be checked. Moreover, the team will check which all places needs to be fenced. We have a little shortage of funds currently, but we will see to it that the lake is back in its original glory.”

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