Warp, weft and beyond

Desi handlooms project the diversity and richness of the country’s culture.

BENGALURU :  Desi handlooms project the diversity and richness of the country’s culture. However, in the recent years the handloom industry and artisans have seen rapid depletion. Which is why, Pavithra Muddaya, founder of Vimor, which gained prominence with the likes of Indira Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi purchasing their sarees, is attempting to bridge the gap between artisans and buyers. On the 45th anniversary of the store, they are organising a five-day event, A Handloom Voyage, an interactive programme that will create awareness on how communities have joined hands in this preservation journey.

Curated walks and interactive sessions with conservationists will project the value of craftsmanship and the relevance of preservation in a technology-driven era. The event will give an insight into the journey of revival, renewal, innovation and empowerment of handloom communities. 

“Empowering weavers has always been our goal. Weavers who have worked with us have grown to become entrepreneurs. These are success stories about the 45 year-old relationship we have had with the handloom industry and the weaver community. The idea is to make conservation of traditional designs as the most effective tool to uplift the industry,” says Muddaya.  

With minimal mentorship and guidance for traditional weavers who are competing with larger industries and modern powerlooms, efforts to fortify handlooms and empower artisans have been falling short. Muddaya points out that the festival is the story of hope. “The more we look at Vimor’s journey, we see the success of our weavers and the communities we have worked with. The only way we have worked is through design and good intentions.

The trigger is the realisation that this is a story about hope,” she says. 
So far, Muddaya has found Bengalureans to be responsive in supporting weavers and textiles. “The road map to empowerment is rooted in our textile culture. We need to join hands to uplift the handloom industry,” she says. 

The five-day programme will include a children’s workshop on the historical evolution of handlooms, textiles and weaving through storytelling. A fashion show will highlight Vimor’s journey through the length and breadth of the country, curated by renowned designer Prasad Bidapa. Curated walks through the exhibition will present the diversity in design and of the communities and individuals who have been involved along the way.

Vimor Turns 45! – A Handloom Voyage’ will be held between November 8 and 12, at Bangalore  International Centre, Domlur

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