307 cases booked against garbage trucks in Bengaluru

Documents not in order, say traffic police
307 cases booked against garbage trucks in Bengaluru

BENGALURU: Following three fatal accidents in the city involving garbage trucks, the city traffic police on Wednesday morning, conducted a special drive against BBMP garbage trucks. The trucks were found to be operating with violations of different types including driving without uniform, signal jumps, defective number plates, etc. The drivers were also checked for drunk driving and one driver was booked and his driving license was seized. Fitness and emission certificates of the trucks were also checked.

The traffic police have booked 307 cases for different violations. 59 of them have been booked for not wearing a uniform. 49 drivers were booked for driving on no-entry zones, 43 of them have been booked for using defected registration number plate, another 43 have been booked for lane discipline, 24 drivers have been booked for wrong parking, 23 have been booked for jumping traffic signals, 19 drivers have been booked for using mobile phone, nine were found driving without license, and 9 have been booked for driving without documents.

The other cases booked are for defective silencer, footpath parking, reckless driving, shrill horn, without insurance certificate. There have been three recent fatal accidents involving garbage trucks, an employee of a bank died on the spot after coming under the wheels of a garbage truck near the Nayandahalli junction on Mysuru Road on Monday night. On April 1, a 60-year-old farmer was killed after a speeding BBMP garbage truck knocked down his bike in Bagaluru. In another case, a 14-year-old was killed on March 21, while pedestrian were injured after a speeding garbage truck knocked them down in Hebbal.

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