Beware! Viral infections on the rise in Bengaluru

Doctors blame it on weather changing rapidly, living conditions; kids bearing brunt of cold-related infections
Image for representation.(Express Illustrations)
Image for representation.(Express Illustrations)

BENGALURU: While Karnataka is yet to see monsoon in full vigour, viral infections are on the rise across the state. Doctors from both government and private hospitals in Bengaluru claim that there has been an increase in people approaching them with common flu, leptospirosis, water-borne diseases like cholera and diarrhoea and even severe dengue cases.

“We are seeing a spike in number of patients suffering from non-Covid respiratory infections, gastroenteritis and rashes. There are many patients suffering from dengue and dengue-like illness, having body ache, fever and low platelets,” said Dr Suchismitha Rajamanya, Consultant, Internal Medicine, Manipal Hospitals, Whitefield.

With schools resuming in full swing, children are also bearing the brunt of cold and related infections. “Children were not exposed to several of these common respiratory viruses in the last two years as they were confined to their homes. Now with exposure to these virus it is common for children to fall sick and also bring the viral infections home. But parents should not panic,” said Dr Ravi Mehta, Pulmonologist, Apollo Hospitals.

Meanwhile, doctors insist that not all infections need antibiotics. “Most patients are treated symptomatically and monitored regularly. The decision about starting relevant antibiotics is taken based on the symptom severity, clinical examination and lab investigations. Most of them are recovering uneventfully within 3-5 days,” explained Dr Suchismitha.

BBMP’s health department seems to have got a double whammy with Covid- 19 and these viral infections to handle. However, Dr Thrilok Chandra, BBMP Commissioner (Health), said the Palike’s health officials have been visiting slums and low-lying areas in the city and conducting tests to check for SARI/ILI patients. “If someone is negative and if they have viral symptoms, then medicines are given,” he explained.

Doctors say that most viral infections in Bengaluru are on the rise due to weather conditions changing rapidly and living conditions. “Civil and metro work across the city has led to unhygienic surroundings which is one of the reasons. To prevent viral infections, children and adults, especially the elderly, need to improve their immunity by having fresh fruits and vegetables and keep themselves warm and avoid exposure to extreme weather conditions,” Dr Priti Shankar, General Physician, Apollo Clinic, Indiranagar.

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