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Taking you on a virtual tour, The Infinite Library aims to reimagine libraries of the future
Shelf life

BENGALURU : While there are many cities and industries exploring the virtual reality world, back in its physical avatar, the seventh edition of City Scripts, an urban writing festival, is all set to take place at the Indian Institute of Human Settlements (IIHS) from May 20-22. Organised by Goethe-Institut/Max Mueller Bhavan Bangalore, The Infinite Library, a virtual reality installation, is a space where everyone can have
a multisensory virtual reality experience.

Sheshagiri Kulkarni, the head of library and information at Goethe-Institut, explains, “It’s a multisensory VR experience that reimagines the future of libraries. So, everyone who walks in will get to see a new world and go into virtual caves and feel like they are actually at these respective places.”

Through this VR experience, one will have access to small chambers that double as portals and allow you to travel in time. You’ll get to travel on boats, explore caves and sinkholes in this world. The visitors will also get to experience QR code games, holograms, 3-D printed projects and audio-visual works along with it. “The whole experience is a travelling installation produced by us. We are currently in Prague and will be travelling to other cities in India after the Bengaluru edition,” adds Kulkarni.

Each VR room that visitors will explore has three elements — south Indian puppetry, European alchemy and Polynesian navigation from around the world. “The Indian Shadow Puppets is curated by Anurupa Roy, founder and managing trustee of The Katkatha Puppet Arts Trust.

Other artistes include Gunduraju, who uses Togalu Gombeyatta from Karnataka; Dr Atul Sinha, animator-painter, puppeteer and sand artist from Jamia Millia Islamia; writer and film director Shankhajeet De explores Ravana Chhaya, the shadow puppetry form of Odisha,” Kulkarni says, adding, “We have done a VR experience like this previously in 2018, but this time around, we have used advanced technology for a better experience. Meanwhile, we are working with metaverse as well. Hopefully, we can showcase that experience next time.”

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