Idgah Maidan is ours, have records, says Muslim body

The land was originally 10.10 acres, including a burial ground.
Image for representational purpose only. (File photo)
Image for representational purpose only. (File photo)

BENGALURU: The Central Muslim Association (CMA) on Wednesday claimed to have “all the documents” to prove that the ‘Idgah Grounds’ in Chamrajpet belonged to them and would provide the same to BBMP if and when asked for it. The BBMP on Monday claimed that the ground was a “BBMP Playground” which Muslims were allowed to use on two occasions in the year while the rest of the days it was up to the BBMP Joint Commissioner West who would accord permissions sought from parties seeking to use the grounds for their respective events. The claim reportedly followed some Hindu right wing organisations seeking clarifications from the BBMP as to whom the grounds belonged to, and why Muslims were given exclusive access to hold their festival events there.

The Zahiruddin Ahmed, General Secretary, CMA , told TNIE , “The land has been with CMA from 1871. The Corporation (now BBMP) claimed it as theirs in the Supreme Court as well in the High Court, but the verdict was in our favour. The land was originally 10.10 acres, including a burial ground. But as the area was developing, the burial ground was shifted and only two acres and a few guntas of land, on which the Idgah stands, is still with us. If anyone wants, we will show the documents.”

Recently, the Hindu Janajagruthi Samithi, a Hindu right-wing outfit, contended that in 2006, in the proceedings of a committee comprising MLA BZ Zameer Ahmed Khan, BJP leader Premila Nesargi, MLA RV Devaraj, a DCP and an ACP, it was stated that the land could be used by others for the purpose of Ganesha festival, Dussera, Independence Day, among others, as well.

“Zameer Ahmed Khan had also signed the proceedings copy then, but now, the corporation is not giving permission for other events,” said Mohan Gowda, President of the samithi, adding that if the land belonged to the Wakf Board or others, why was there a request to repair the Idgah wall to fix cracks from corporation? However, the CMA committee has rejected the 2006 committee meeting proceedings saying it could lead to confusion.

Meanwhile, BBMP Chief Commissioner Tushar Girinath said on Wednesday that “some records” show that the land belongs to the corporation and hinted at seeking legal options as some documents of the SC order were missing.

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