Feeling at home

A common love of home, however, binds celebrities Aviva Bidapa and Abishek Ambareesh as they share with us in this chat on Valentine’s Day
Feeling at home

BENGALURU: The most delightful thing, as cliche as it sounds, is always having Abishek to come home to,” says model, and fashion designer Aviva Bidapa, speaking of her recent marriage to actor Abishek Ambareesh. The daughter of veteran fashion designer Prasad Bidapa and actor-director Judith Bidapa, Aviva tied the knot with Abishek, the son of famed actor-politicians Sumalatha Ambareesh and the late Ambareesh, in mid-2023. The wedding was a lavish affair, conducted following the Vokkaliga tradition, and saw in attendance some of the biggest names in fashion, entertainment, and politics, including the likes of superstar Rajinikanth.

Yet, the duo’s first Valentine’s Day as a married couple is set to be anything but glitzy. “Traditionally, we used to go on dinner dates – but with so much going on the last few years it’s just been a chance to stay home, order in, and chill,” shares Abishek, to which Aviva adds, “We definitely just like to chill. We’re always out and about so Valentine’s Day is our opportunity to slow down and spend quality time.”

The low-key celebration is a telling reflection of their attitudes to their union, given their hectic schedules. “We’ve known each other for quite a while. So I wouldn’t say there were many surprises afterward. But I suppose for me it’s the feeling of comfort to come home after a long day of work or travel. Makes the stress of work much easier to bear,” explains Abishek.

Similarly, managing a private life in the public eye can be challenging, and for Aviva, a self-confessed introvert, she now has someone she can lean on for help. “For me, being in the public eye is extremely hard to navigate. Abishek is really good at that. He knows my boundaries and protects me from it as much as he humanly can,” she says. To unwind from their hectic schedules, the couple has come to enjoy simple pleasures. “We just love to sit at home, order some good food, and watch a movie. It’s our happy place,” says Aviva, a sentiment mirrored by Abishek, who prefers to watch something humorous to relax with ‘the Mrs’.

When it comes to disagreements, the couple prioritises love and understanding. “We don’t sweat the small stuff,” says Aviva. “We have our differences for sure. But live and learn one day at a time and always try to lead with love,” says Abishek,who finds Aviva’s support crucial, especially during challenging times at work. “She has a fierce sense of loyalty, and has been a massive support to me, especially when it has been a bad day,” he adds.

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