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Many Bengalureans are flocking to pubs, not just for a drink, but to engage in various activities, reviving the charm of old-fashioned socialising
A book reading 
session in progress.
A book reading session in progress.

BENGALURU: Author Shoba Narayan is no stranger to reading sessions or book events. However, her reading session for her recent book, 'Namma Bangalore: The Soul of a Metropolis', at The Biere Club was a completely different experience. The setting and crowd were unfamiliar, but the new faces were a breath of fresh air. “As an author, you always want to expand your readership. Hosting a reading session at a brewery or any kind of watering hole is different from holding one at a bookstore or café. The audience you get is refreshing,” says Narayan.

It’s not just book readings; many clubs are hosting various evening events for friends to gather at pubs. Ritika Bhushan found the dance nights at 21st Amendment Gastrobar, Indiranagar, particularly interesting. A regular attendee, Bhushan enjoys these events as a fun way to meet new people rather than just having a drink. “I am not a huge fan of clubbing, but I frequently attend these dance nights. They offer salsa, bachata, and kizomba, and the music keeps changing,” says Bhushan. With each music change, dance partners also change, providing a fun way to make new friends.

For those into geeky activities, many pubs offer quiz nights. Sukalyan Sen, always keen on testing his knowledge, was introduced to trivia nights at a pub by a colleague. New to the city, he found this a better way to hang out with friends or make new ones than just drinking. “I attend the quiz and meet like-minded people who are equally passionate about trivia nights,” says Sen. “Since it’s set in a pub, these are light-hearted events. If you win, great, but even if you don’t, you’re having fun with friends.”

Dance night at 21st Amendment
Dance night at 21st Amendment

The desire to do more than just catch up over a drink sparked the idea of exploring post-work activities. Aditi Rao, owner of K-OS The Game Bar, notes that too much gadget time has driven people to seek alternatives. “People are tired of meeting online; they want real-time conversations. Most discussions revolve around TV shows, sports, and movies. We realised people love shows like Friends, The Office and Family Guy, so

instead of just coffee table conversations, we made it a quiz evening. We have many regulars on these nights, and sometimes, they come not for a drink, but to have fun in an old-fashioned way,” says Rao.

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