Family Girl: Sanjana Doss on her role in 'Primetime with Murthys'

Sanjana Doss as Nisha in OTT show Primetime with Murthys is vulnerable and relatable for a generation grappling with the pitfalls of the digital age
Family Girl: Sanjana Doss on her role in 'Primetime with Murthys'

BENGALURU: It is tough to relate to the crazy quirks of the Murthy family from the OTT show Primetime with Murthys but you can’t stop falling in love with them. Actor Sanjana Doss, who plays the daughter of the family, Nisha, says once she heard the script, there was no way she was going to let go of the opportunity to be a part of a ‘roller-coaster ride’.

Starring Sukhita Aiyar, Preetam Koilpillai, and Amrith Jayan, the show follows two siblings – Nisha and Shiv Murthy – who embark on a humorous and complex journey of self-discovery while navigating the beast of social media in the race to stay relevant.

Having previously worked in films, the warm reception to her role was a new experience for Doss. “It was a new experience because the only thing I had done previously were movies where there was a grand theatrical release, but this is a lot more cosy as it’s my first web series. I’m excited because I feel like this could reach a lot more people,” she says.

Creating Nisha was not the most difficult task for Doss, since she took a lot of inspiration from herself. “Nisha and I are very similar to each other. She is an aspiring actor and at the time I shot this, I was in a similar spot. I was a psychology student. I had moved to Mumbai to pursue acting, but then the lockdown happened, so I had to come back and live with my family, and then I was also trying to get some recognition on social media,”

she says. In the show, Nisha has her insecurities to deal with, and Doss recounts that it’s like many of us. “Just like Nisha, I had so many questions like, ‘When will I become an actor?’, ‘Will I ever be an actor?’ The show talks about really sensitive issues in a very light-hearted way,” she notes, adding that she hoped many other young actors would relate with the themes.

If Doss has to pick her favourite part of the show, then it has to be the Bengaluru connect. “It was very Bengaluru, in terms of language or the kind of jokes that it has,” shares Doss. Working with the team wasn’t just fun, but also knowledgeable for Doss. “The challenging bit was working with my fellow actors who are so academically rich and knowledgeable. They’ve done theatre for years, so they function in a different way. For me to observe them was a learning experience in itself,” she signs off.

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