Strings of society

Kannada pop singer Alok Babu’s latest song Maryade Prashne is a funny take on living in a society filled with comparisons and contradictions
Strings of society

BENGALURU: Society norms and perceptions have long dictated how people make choices and decisions. But who would have known it could turn into an inspiration for Kannada pop singer Alok Babu, aka, All Ok’s latest pop song Maryade Prashne, which is currently trending on YouTube with 306K views. For Babu, the inspiration for the lyrics comes from ‘every other individual’. “Most families are greatly concerned about how society perceives them.

Even when it comes to a small purchase, many of these unsaid dynamics come into play. I didn’t want to take a jab, all I wanted to do was show a humorous side,” says Babu. While the topic was interesting, the push for turning it into a song came when Babu was supposed to be part of a film project with a similar name. “Last year I was supposed to be a part of the film called Maryade Prashne but it did not take off. But I liked the idea and wanted to do something musical with it,” he says.

The video looks fun with many catchy dance steps and Babu hopes to put the Kannada independent music scene on the world platform. “If you see some of today’s top artistes like Anirudh (Ravichander), they come up with good music. I want to have a similar thing in Kannada independent music.

So while the idea came from the movie project, it is also creating good music that makes me happy,” he says.

Known to create chartbusters, it has been a while since the rapper created and released songs. Though Babu was missing the ‘whole madness’ of making music, he didn’t want to come up with anything he was not satisfied with. “I have been busy with my shows and tours. In between, I was also part of a few film projects. Though there were a few ideas, I didn’t want to do a half-hearted job. So independent music took a backseat for some time, but now, I am back,” says Babu.

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