‘As women, we really need to be who we are’: Sunny Leone

Actor-model Sunny Leone, who was in town recently, speaks of her time in Bengaluru and starting a new venture as an entrepreneur
Sunny Leone during her visit to Bengaluru| Allen Egenuse J
Sunny Leone during her visit to Bengaluru| Allen Egenuse J

BENGALURU: Turning heads with her vibrant yellow co-ord set that perfectly highlighted her radiant personality, popular model and actor Sunny Leone has been spending a considerable amount of time in Bengaluru lately. “I’ve been living here for the last month, travelling back and forth, shooting and so many different things have been happening. Also, David [Weber, her husband] loved the airport,” laughs Leone, who accompanied Weber to launch a beauty store in the city. Leone also announced the exclusive range of her beauty products – StarStruck.

Leone is in Karnataka shooting for her next project, the details of which have not been announced yet. “I always enjoy shooting. I was actually shooting around four hours away from here in a place called Gundlupet. It was a very long journey but the drive in the area

was amazing. I saw an elephant while we were driving and the best thing was that they were just roaming free,” says Leone, who was also seen visiting a school in a small village named Kabbali recently.

The actor also recently released the first look of her upcoming Tamil film Quotation Gang, written and directed by Vivek K Kannan where she will be starring opposite Priyamani and Jackie Shroff in the lead roles. The gritty crime-thriller will see Leone in the role of a rural mafia member, which will be starkly different from her previous roles.

Sunny Leone.
Sunny Leone.

While she is excited about the upcoming release, Leone looks at her journey as an entrepreneur to be very enriching. “I have been in the industry for so long and as a woman, we are always thinking about what we can do next.

Obviously, makeup is something that has been a part of my life since I was a teenager so that’s why I decided to take this ahead,” she says, recounting, “I remember, when I was young, I saved all of my money to buy this eyeshadow but when I got it, I was so disappointed because the eye shadow didn’t even stick to my face and I felt so bad. I just want to create something that people feel good about wearing.”

Discussing the beauty industry, Leone highlights a significant issue regarding skin tone perceptions. “A big misconception is that we want to be lighter and we want to have our skin look a certain way that it’s not,” she notes, emphasising, “As women, we really need to be who we are.”

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