Bengaluru: Pottery Town, Benson Town get water for few hours a week

Potters say work hit by lack of water; yield from borewells falls
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BENGALURU: The water shortage that has been gripping the city for a few months now has severely impacted Pottery Town and its surrounding areas, including Benson Town, leaving potters, small eatery owners and residents in dire straits. In these areas, drinking water is supplied only for a few hours a day, twice or thrice a week. Workers here said they are unaware of when water supply begins, and once they fill their pots, they use the water sparingly as they don’t know when water supply will resume; it could be the next day or even the next week.

“One of us leaves a pot here with the tap always open. Whenever we hear water trickling, we call each other to come and fill their pots, said Rajshekhar, a potter. “There are around 200 families, and each family has at least four members. Even if water is supplied every alternative day, how much can we store?” he questioned.

Another worker complained that despite availability of water in the area for the past month, supply is frequently interrupted without any prior notification. Since the area has a majority of potters who sit for hours together for their craft, the continuous worry of filling water and ensuring there is enough water at home, disturbs them.

“It is mentally draining and disrupts our work. Despite relying on retailers rather than direct customer sales, it still impacts our daily targets,” he said. Saleem, who manages a street food stall in Benson Town, mentioned that while they use borewell water for cleaning, cooking remains an issue as it requires drinking water. Reflecting on the challenges, Saleem said, “With borewells yielding less water and more people relying on them, shopkeepers are finding it challenging to cope. The situation is not getting back to normal. How much water to fill, how much to store, and for how long?” he lamented.

BWSSB Chairman Ram Prasath Manohar was not available for comments.

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