Three-year-old girl injured in Bengaluru road rage incident involving her father and biker

The incident happened on Friday (May 17) at around 10.40 am opposite the St Patrick's Academy at Kodathi on the Sarjapur-Marathahalli Road.
Representative image. (File Photo)
Representative image. (File Photo)

BENGALURU: A road rage incident caught on camera saw a couple from Kerala and their three-year-old daughter, on their way to a hospital, at the receiving end after a law student smashed their car's window with a helmet injuring the little girl.

The incident happened on Friday (May 17) at around 10.40 am opposite the St Patrick's Academy at Kodathi on the Sarjapur-Marathahalli Road. A complaint and counter complaint have been registered in Varthur police station.

Akhil Sabu, 32, a resident of Kodathi, had an appointment in a private hospital for his wife. The couple work in an Indian e-commerce company. They have been staying in the city for the last five years. The couple were also taking their daughter along with them. The person accused of damaging the car and injuring the little girl has been identified as Jagadish, a resident of Dommasandra.

Speaking to The New Indian Express, Sabu said that Jagadish, the biker, was trying to overtake from the left. "Since there was hardly any space, he could not overtake. After seeing my car's Kerala registration number, he started abusing us for not knowing Kannada. He somehow overtook me from the left and parked his bike in front of our car. He then came towards my side and hit the car with his helmet. I initially lowered the glass and as he started abusing, I closed the window."

"Seeing my wife and daughter on the front left side, he went towards them and smashed the window with his helmet. In the impact, the glass shattered and the helmet fell on my daughter who was sitting on my wife's lap. Small pieces of glass fell on her face. Even though there were no injuries, my daughter is traumatised," Sabu said.

Sabu, in order to defend his family, came out of the car. When Sabu's wife started filming the incident, Jagadish started his bike and went away.

"Within 30 minutes of the incident, I rushed to the Varthur police station to file a complaint. To my shock, I saw the biker at the police station. He accused me of attacking him which is false and baseless. After I filed a complaint against him, he even filed a counter-complaint against me. On Tuesday night, I managed to source the CCTV footage of the incident and have sent it to the police officer. The accused has not yet been arrested," Sabu added.

The Varthur police said that Sabu has filed a complaint and Jagadish has filed a counter complaint. "The case is still under investigation. We are yet to go through the CCTV footage. Both Sabu and Jagadish are accusing each other. Action will be taken against the guilty," said an officer part of the investigations.

A further probe is on.

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