Chennai: Station these stationery on your desks

Journalist-turned-enterpreneur Aditi Maithreya has  a range of notebooks to offer.
Doodle books sell the most
Doodle books sell the most

CHENNAI : It is quirky, it is fun and most importantly it can brighten up your workspace. We try and decipher what makes stationery sought after while also introducing you to some home-grown brands that offer interesting notebooks, note pads and more so your notes stand out. 

“The advantage with stationery is that it is both useful and quirky. Whether it is notebooks or paper, there is so much variety to choose from. In the case of notebooks, it becomes all the more special because most people often use it for recording something valuable to them like their poems and sketches. This makes it a cherished possession, which is either thoughtfully bought or mindfully gifted,” said Aditi Maithreya, creative director at The Phoenix Company, which has a range of notebooks to choose from. She said she finds inspiration in many things from everyday life — the city, culture, colours and architecture.

“We launched a series of notebooks for Madras Day last year which captured the #littlethingsofmadras that make one reminisce its rich culture. The notebooks are colourful and they beautifully combine tradition and modernity through contemporary design. From old-time doors of houses to the traditional thoranams at our entrances, vintage vessels to the ever-so-indispensable autorickshaws, the collection reminds you of Madras and everything that’s native to it,” she said. 

For working professionals, such notebooks provide an escape from the mundane and ‘boring’ aspects of everyday life — this could be either a motivational quote, colours that pop or even pictures of places and people. “I love bright colours and beautiful notebooks,” said Megha Sekar, an HR professional. “I find plain books very boring and I still remember how people reacted when I brought this shocking pink notebook to an official meeting.

The room was filled with older men and they had these sophisticated leather-bound books, and there I was with my pink book! It was definitely a conversation starter though and helped to break the ice.” According to Avantica Hemanth, founder of Limn Designs, stationery also makes for a classic gift which is also another reason for its popularity. “It is useful to everyone and is a bonus if it looks good,” she said. “There’s something for everyone at Limn and the must-haves depend on the person who is receiving them and how it would be useful in their daily life.

Doodle books are best sellers as they are multipurpose. The Petite and Jotter books are for people who need handy little books to doodle or write in on the go while notepads and week pads are for people who need checklists or need to give people to-do lists.” 

“From a coffee cup to the flowers, I draw inspiration from every little thing,” she said. “I have so many people whose work I religiously follow that it is hard to pick favourites. But, if I had to suggest three names that I think every stationery junkie should follow, they would be Lilly Pulitzer for her colourful happy designs, stationery and Leuchtturm 1917 for their amazing quality and classic minimalism.”

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