Handpicked curations from an art market

The main focus of this event is for small-scale artists to have a stage to showcase their talents.
Handpicked curations from an art market

CHENNAI: In the vibrant streets of Chennai, Art Kin Centre (AKC) prepares for its eagerly awaited third edition of ‘AKC’s Art Market’ this weekend, pulsating with the rhythm of artistic expression. With a deep commitment to fostering creativity and strengthening the bond between artists and their community, AKC invites both enthusiasts and connoisseurs to immerse themselves in a realm where imagination knows no boundaries.

Anahata Sundarmurthy and Shruthe Raammohan lead the Art Kin Centre, a unique artistic space that embraces all art forms, collaborating with professionals like interior designers and architects. Founded on pillars of opportunity, education, awareness, and community, it aims to bridge the gap between creativity and career viability, serving society’s artistic aspirations.

“The idea of this came in 2021 when we worked on an exhibition together and could see multiple stalls overlapping with each other. So here we tend to focus on very minimal stalls selling goods that do not overlap with each other, managing the crowd and buyer community,” says Anahata.

The main focus of this event is for small-scale artists to have a stage to showcase their talents. “The philosophy is to create a symbiosis that affects change between the artist and the art spaces that they showcase, so this is a semantic platform for them, and we are happy to have to thrive as a space for the growing artist,” she adds.

This year, AKC has collaborated with Josh app as their video partner. “With this partnership, we tend to incorporate influencers and independent artists to keep people engaged and entertained while they walk around exploring stalls. It’s a free-for-all concert and is going to be a vibrant and constructive environment,” she says.

Anahata assures that Chennaiites will find some unique stalls here. “We put up an open wall to reach out to various artists, and also source small-scale business owners to gain more reach. Our market is also open for new experimental products to find their way through to the customers,” she says.

Each exhibit tells a unique tale, offering a glimpse into the vibrant tapestry of innovation that characterises Chennai’s artistic scene. Visitors will encounter a diverse array of talent, from the intricate original paintings of Art by Rubhini to the delicately handcrafted wooden artworks of Eden Studio by Siddharth. “Crafting stalls will have live counters where visitors can see and understand the process that goes through to finally achieve a product,” she notes.

It also transcends mere visual displays, offering a multisensory experience. You can indulge your senses in the offerings from Thäen by EcoLogin, featuring responsibly sourced organic honey, and Luxe Parfums by Naveen which makes bespoke oil-based fragrances tailored to individual preferences.

The Art Market is a place for people not just to purchase but to engage with each other and find connections among individuals equally interested in and sharing the same taste in art. “Art is generally viewed as a secondary hobby and not a mainstream profession. It’s human to talk about things we use on a day-to-day basis that are built to satisfy our needs, and all these can only be done by a vision of creativity. That creativity takes place in the form of art,” concludes Anahata.

The Art Market will be held from June 14-16 at Art Kin Centre, TTK Road, Alwarpet.

Time: 11 am to 9 pm.

For details, call: 9962013678; email: artkincentre@gmail.com.

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