An alternate path through eco revolution

With the aim of awareness and a holistic approach towards sustainability, Naturally Chennai nudges people to take environment-conscious steps and make mindful choices
An alternate path through eco revolution

CHENNAI: Sustainability has shifted from a topic of discussion to a call to action. Every conscious decision we make and every sustainable practice we adopt, holds the power to shape a healthier planet for ourselves and future generations.

Transforming our sustainability goals into everyday habits requires creative ways and solutions. With this aim, Green Goddesses, a group of five women who came together to begin a joint venture to foster sustainable living, curated the event Naturally Chennai at Hotel Savera. The space was a meld of creativity and eco-awareness. This shopping festival featured handpicked products that are eco-friendly, handcrafted, and traditional. The air was filled with aromas of scented candles, while mannequins that were adorned in exquisite kalamkari print got my most attention. From polymer clay jewellery to recycled paper notebooks, each contributed to the vision of sustainability. Naturally Chennai also served as a launch pad for homepreneurs, bridging the gap between consumers and vendors.

Tiny steps, lasting impact

Sustainability goes beyond rainwater harvesting or composting; it represents a holistic approach to living. Every aspect of life can be made sustainable, and it starts with taking small steps. “My journey started two decades ago. I have a terrace garden, produce my own compost and bio enzymes, and avoid using chemicals at home. I make my soaps and hair oils too. If I can do it, so can everyone else. It’s just a matter of inculcating it as a habit,” shares Anju Agarwal, a member of Green Goddesses.

The shopping festival featured a diverse selection of products, emphasising on the need of overall well-being. Challenging the idea that chocolates are just sugary treats, Thy Chocolates came up with bean-to-bar organic chocolates. “When I have a sweet craving, I reach for a piece of chocolate. My goal is to help people enjoy their snacks without guilt. A bit of indulgence in a healthy alternative is perfectly fine!” shares Archana, founder of Thy Chocolates.

Establishing the philosophy that brand takes effort, but persistence pays off, Surbhi Hasija, the owner of Aloehouse, an eco-friendly garment initiative, shares her story, “It began as a college project eight-nine years ago, and the journey has been tough. Initially, finding weavers in India who could make Aloe vera-infused fabrics was very difficult. However, we’ve grown from producing resort wear to a full line of ready-to-wear garments.”

The event also included a Green Awards ceremony, celebrating individuals and organisations that have significantly contributed to sustainability. The ‘Green Conscious Carrier’ award went to Kubendiran, an auto driver. With his garden on wheels, he inspires young people to embrace environmental responsibility. “Instead of erecting 10-meter cinema banners, let the youth plant saplings that will grow 50 meters and foster a greener city,” says Kubendiran.

Moving forward, the Green Goddesses is eager to expand their community and spread their message of sustainable innovation. Nina Reddy, a member of Green Goddesses and joint managing director of the Hotel Savera, finds inspiration in the younger generation. “I enjoy collaborating with younger minds on this initiative because their perspective is so refreshing. They focus on decluttering and minimalism, a stark contrast to the lifestyles of the past. I fully support their efforts and I’m happy to see them embracing these values at such a young age,” concludes Nina.

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