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To commemorate their ten years of brewing, Nivruti proudly tells us that The Brew Room is starting a new initiative.
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Image used for representational purposes only

CHENNAI: A picturesque coffeehouse that’s seemingly plucked straight out of a Victorian garden vista is precisely what one of Chennai’s finest microbrewery-café offers. A charming stone pathway, the pleasant aroma of freshly ground coffee, and a number of iron-wrought gazebos nestled in the midst of lush shrubs greet me as I walk into The Brew Room; a well-loved café that has now completed a decade of service.

The Brew Room, a part of Savera Industries Ltd., first opened its doors to Chennai’s coffee connoisseurs on May 11, 2014. It quickly became a favourite spot serving not only the best cuppas in town, but also its inviting atmosphere and their signature Eggs Benedict. Nivruti Reddy, the executive director of Savera Industries and co-founder of The Brew Room, fondly recalls, “The Eggs Benedict was our first item on the menu. We wanted to offer something continental to our customers that was also quite rare to find in Chennai. We made our own hollandaise, poached eggs, and relish, and this handcrafted dish is still our specialty.”

This cosy café also offers appetisers and meals that taste as good as they look. Ganesh Kumar A, assistant manager of The Brew Room, shares a few of their most popular ã la carte items, saying, “Our fast-moving food includes the breakfast platters, sandwiches, and pastas with homemade creams. The thin-crust pizzas are also in demand. When it comes to desserts, the old fashioned chocolate cake, carrot cake, and lemon tea cakes are favourites. Importantly, we also offer vegan options.”

Coffee and more

If one thinks this list of scrumptious bites at The Brew Room is endless, their beverage card is even more extensive. From espressos, flat whites, cappuccinos, lattes, americanos, and chilled coffees, to fresh smoothies, Darjeeling tea, and cold pressed juices, there’s something for everyone. Scanning the menu, a few exotic options that immediately jumps out to me were the Thai Cold Coffee (which Ganesh confirmed was a best-seller), the Lavender White Tea, Espresso Freddo, Citrus Cold Brew, and the House Blend. It’s safe to say I was in any coffee-lover’s paradise.

Continuing the chat with Nivruti reveals the secret to how The Brew Room still manages to stay at the top of their game. “We ensure handcrafted and small batch production at every level. Marc Tormo, our partner from Auroville, sources coffee from the finest estates in India, roasts them in small batches, and supplies the coffee beans to us. At the café, for each and every order, the beans are ground fresh and brewed per cup. We do not store any coffee powders. We provide handcrafted specialty coffee using different brewing methods,” she says.

At Brew Room, eight techniques are followed in-house. These include the Italian Coffee technique, the Vacuum Siphon, a Chemex, the 16-Hour Japanese Cold Drip, Aeropress, the Turkish Ibrik, Dabaras, and Mr Clever – Pour Over coffees. Despite using international methods of brewing coffee, the coffee beans themselves are exclusively sourced from India, says Nivruti. “When we started The Brew Room, we wanted to focus solely on Indian coffee beans, as their value is often not appreciated. This resulted in a flavourful fusion of continental brewing techniques and Indian roots,” she adds.

What truly makes their café stand out? “We prioritise the philosophy of handcrafting each and every product. This results in a bean-to-cup experience, that customers are actively involved in as they get to choose one of three different roasts (light, medium, and dark), the method of brewing, and also get to watch their coffee getting customised. Watching your coffee being made from scratch and looking at how the various brewing apparatuses work makes our café a uniquely interactive and visually pleasing place to hang out at,” she shares.

To commemorate their ten years of brewing, Nivruti proudly tells us that The Brew Room is starting a new initiative. “We launched The Big Picnic, a catering service that offers The Brew Room’s specialties for outdoor events and celebrations. We also recently added a spacious glass-roofed enclosure for parties, which can easily accommodate 40 people,” she says.

Spending a couple of hours in this quaint yet light and airy eatery while sipping on a creamy cappuccino, I could understand exactly why The Brew Room has been popularised by word-of-mouth across the city for a decade. It’s a place of warmth, comfort, and enchantment, because although it’s situated on a bustling Mylapore road, the moment you cross the white picket fences, an aura of peace envelops you, offering relief from the fast-paced city life. If you want to be whisked away to a cottage core-esque ambience to enjoy a slow cup of decadent brews, pop over to The Brew Room.

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