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Want 2022 to be the year you achieve your fitness goals? These Delhi-NCR meal services will help you get there through an array of nutritious and tasty dishes.
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When people think of eating healthy, they visualise meals that are bland and monotonous. Although many are counting calories to pursue a healthier lifestyle, there are others who are discouraged from eating healthy owing to a repetitive diet.

Moreover, with hardly any time to cook a tasty yet low-calorie meal at home, most people are incapable of staying on track with their health goals.

We speak to a few stakeholders from Delhi’s subscription meal services that offer nutritious and tasty meal boxes, which are perfect to achieve your clean eating plan.

Bye Bye basic, Hello HEALTH & TASTE

Food Darzee, a subscription meal service co-founded by Siddhant Bhargava (27), Anirudh Ganeriwal, Devaj Jhunjhunwalla, and Anik Bhandhari, in 2017.

Available in eight cities (their base kitchen in Delhi is at Sultanpur), they offer four healthy subscription meal boxes—keto, low-carb, vegan, and balanced meals.

“We don’t believe that leading a healthy life is a matter of eating one healthy meal per day. You need to be consistent with the number of meals you have. You cannot eat a salad and think now I am healthy,” Bhargava adds.

Their subscription boxes are aimed at mitigating this problem by helping people with a consistent meal plan. Ensuring that the meals are not repetitive, Food Darzee has a host of dishes—both desi and others—along with a range of desserts. 

Where: Price: Rs 245 per meal per month

Curated with care

Parafit, founded by Paraj Primlani (27) in 2018, operates through a base kitchen in GK1. Focusing on subscription meals based on the client’s diet, these meals are delivered across Delhi-NCR. Although it started small—Primlani only helped friends and family lead a healthier lifestyle—it has now evolved into a successful venture.

Parafit’s service is more than just a meal box offering; it is a platform where people can receive inputs regarding their health. Each meal is curated by a verified nutritionist keeping in mind the consumer’s lifestyle and physical activity. 

Where: Price: Rs 240-Rs 260 per meal

Guilt-free meals 

The brainchild of Gunjan Hassan and co-founded by Arman Ahmed (45), Healthylicious Kitchen operates through a base kitchen in Malviya Nagar. The company, which became commercial in 2018, offers easy and healthy ready-made meals.

“Usually good quality healthy meals are gourmet dishes laden with additives. We wanted to start a venture where people would get clean and tasty food easily,” shares Ahmed.

Their subscription model is flexible and can be customised. With Indian and International cuisines—grills, salads, and more—Healthylicious Kitchen focuses on macro diets to provide balanced meals.

Where: Price: Rs 275-Rs 350 per meal

Options beckon

Sakshi Bakshi’s (29) venture Nucros Science and Taste, with its base kitchen at Green Park, was launched in July 2020.

“I was a healthcare consultant, and I realised that there are a number of chronic health conditions that require lifestyle modifications,” says Bakshi. Bakshi’s intention was to ensure people reach their health goals with food.

Their subscription boxes are not restricted to a pre-determined diet; it can be customised. With Indian, Continental, Lebanese, Mexican, Asian as well as Greek cuisines, their plans are also a healthy alternative for those who cannot cook. 

Where: Price: Rs 200-Rs 300 per meal

Wholesome choices with nutritional value

Dhruv Sharma (27) launched Instadiet in 2020. “With Instadiet, we decided to provide ready-to-eat meals,” shares Sharma.

Their subscription model is divided into four—it can range from a trial box for a day to an eight-week meal plan. Headquartered in Panchsheel Park, Instadiet’s team of nutritionists carefully curate each diet plan. Their daily offering includes five wholesome meals to consumers.

These usually vary between 800 and 1,200 calories, depending on the choice of the client. Sharma’s venture aims at helping people adopt a healthier lifestyle without the added hassle of gym memberships. 

Where: Price: Rs 590-Rs 700 for a day; Rs 3,490 per week

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