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Shalini Raj Sinha, an avid world traveller, realised that tea was missing from the menu and global markets.
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For representational purposes

Shalini Raj Sinha, an avid world traveller, realised that tea was missing from the menu and global markets. Sensing this to be a golden opportunity, she planned her next trip to Darjeeling and so The Infused Kettle was born. Excerpts from an interview:

Shalini Raj Sinha
Shalini Raj Sinha

Could you take us through the journey of Infused Kettle, from conception to execution?

The Infused Kettle was conceived when a bunch of tea purists came together and decided to embark on a quest of discovering and delivering the most pristine tea from India to the world in the most orthodox way possible. It was during a casual meetup over a cup of tea that they realised how tea has been the backbone of every social setting across boundaries for decades and continues to be savoured by generations in different forms and styles in diverse cultures.

Tea has been the customary centrepiece for every occasion, right from welcoming guests to rekindling conversations, thus allowing people to connect and bond. So, to prepare tea blends from the right natural ingredients brewed in harmony and having a silky texture, these tea purists travelled far and wide. Their journey led them to the tea gardens of Darjeeling, which became The Infused Kettle’s heartland to source the highest quality and freshest tea leaves directly to your cups.

How do you plan to make Infused Kettle stand out in an already established, some may say crowded, market?

With our uniquely created blends, curated specially by our team of experts who spend a lot of time researching what works best in each flavour we try to create.

The perfect mix of each ingredient we do. Our vast range of delectable tea collection gives people an opportunity to build bonds and engage in conversations, while sipping perfectly brewed cups of taste and health.

Which are your biggest markets in the country?

We primarily target the working/service class. However, in current times of Covid-19, when good health has become paramount, we are working hard to ensure our range of immunity tea – which is a blend of green tea with amla, giloy, ashwagandha, and turmeric – reaches our consumers to help them battle the virus.

A cup of perfectly brewed immunity tea is sure to help ward off infections and improve longevity. Advantaging the innate potency of tea, we bring you a blend that opens with a soft, fragrant palette of plant parts with a gratifying choice of spices. The most nutrient-dense ingredients have been expertly brought together to create something that is deeply layered yet easy-to-drink. Be it powering through a workout or taking regular sips for overall wellness, put the kettle on and relish a warm, light, all-in-one health drink.

What are your expansion plans for the future?

Each blend that is curated is done to add value to each consumer’s life, in terms of health, wellness, lifestyle, stress, flavours, and climate. We are not entering the current CTC market as consumers already have enough choices. 

Hence, apart from India we are looking into serving the international markets of Eastern Europe, Nepal and Canada to start with. Our R&D team is working on various other blends and other possible products that we can make out of tea. Watch this space as the wait will be worth it.

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