Geo-tagging of properties must to avail tax exmption

MCD appeals to property owners to complete process at earliest to avail 10% rebate on lump sum advance payment next financial year
Image used for representational purpose only.
Image used for representational purpose only.

NEW DELHI:  The Municipal Corporation of Delhi has made geo-tagging of all kinds of properties mandatory to avail of the property tax exemption, an official statement said on Tuesday. If any taxpayer fails to geotag their properties by 31 January, they will not be able to avail 10 per cent rebate on lump sum advance payment of tax in the next financial year by June 30, it said.

The MCD has appealed to property owners to complete the process of geo-tagging of their property at the earliest. In case a property has already been geo-tagged by MCD officers, there is no need to further geo-tag it, the statement mentioned.

The civic body has also asked the property owners who are not registered with its property tax portal, to get their properties registered, generate UPIC, and geo-tag their properties. In case of failure to register their properties by January 31, MCD would proceed to recover tax and also lodge prosecution against such defaulters, the statement said.

Geo-tagging of properties by taxpayers will provide a location- wise identification of individual properties and will enable better provisioning of service delivery to the citizens by MCD, it said. Geo-tagging of properties refers to assigning a unique Latitude’Longitude to a property on a GIS map by selecting the current location against any UPIC so that all properties have their location identified against a unique Latitude-Longitude position.

The MCD has launched a mobile app for geo-tagging of all residential and non-residential properties. Property owners need to download the mobile app--Unified Mobile App (UMA) from the Play Store or visit the website at mcdapp.html. To be able to complete the geo-tagging of a property, the applicant should first select the citizen option on the UMA app and fill in their login details.

Then they should select the UPIC for Geo-tagging by using a registered mobile number. After that, they need to select the Property UPIC and go to the Action button and click ‘Geotagging’ for the map location to pop up.


1 Download Unified Mobile App (UMA) from Play Store

2 Select citizen option and fill in login details

3 Select the UPIC for geo-tagging

4 Go to the Action button and click ‘Geotagging’

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