The call of the soul

Since I still feel so warmly ensconced in their love, I started exploring the afterlife.
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I have always been drawn to mystique. I will play with a handful of seeds and be elevated to wonderment that I am holding a whole mighty forest in the palm of my hand. Or be moved to complete gratitude that a fruit as visually gorgeous and texturally complex as a custard apple is really mine to devour. Most people who grow up in natural surroundings or are sensitive to nature’s beauty are animists really. For what is worship… if not attentiveness and gratitude?

I lost my much-loved parents four years ago. Together. Since I still feel so warmly ensconced in their love, I started exploring the afterlife. Films, stories and learnings. Not out of much interest for what happens before or after our time on earth but for any and every flicker of light that can help me raise my game on earth. What is important now. No, what is ‘urgent’.

What I sense is that the soul tries very hard to stay in touch with our conscious mind, guiding and lighting the way for us. For why we are really here. Over years of conditioning, indoctrination and complete distraction with the externals we non-prioritise listening to its gentle call. At midlife (or at any age), it is a great idea to reacquaint ourselves with our soul. And walk hand in hand to wherever it wants to lead us.

For that is our ‘purpose’, the reason we are born and the stuff we are destined for. When we act in tandem with our true selves,something in us knows this is right and this is the sweet music we were born to create for this beautiful world we travel through.

Anupamaa Dayal
This fashion designer is about happy clothes and happy homes for happy women

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