Stories of popular Indian electronic music producer Nucleya through song

He was recently a part of the Red Bull Off the Roof event at IIT Kharagpur, and we caught up with the artiste for a quick chat.
Indian electronic music producer Nucleya
Indian electronic music producer Nucleya

You need not be a party hopper to get to listen to Nucleya, the popular Indian electronic music producer. Thanks to social media and his super popular Bollywood remixes, Nucleya is a popular name among Gen-Z listeners. He was recently a part of the Red Bull Off the Roof event at IIT Kharagpur, and we caught up with the artiste for a quick chat.

This is your 10th or 11th performance on Red Bull Off the Roof. How different is it performing here compared to other platforms?
I have been associated with Red Bull for a long time now and I really like working with them. Red Bull Off the Roof was launched around 10 years ago as a unique platform for emerging artistes across the country. The coolest part of this stage unlike any other performance venue is that the stage here is literally built on top of a tour bus. It is driven to the venue, safety harnesses, railings and guides are raised on the roof of the bus allowing musicians to literally perform off the roof of the bus to an audience standing below. Red Bull has been very open-minded, always supportive and understanding about what I need technically to be able to do the shows that I want to do. They always come forward to help me out and I’m very grateful for that.

What is it that you are currently working on? Any plans to venture into Bollywood?
I am currently working on my album, which is my main focus, right now. As of now, I don’t have any plans to venture into Bollywood or produce music for films.

Tell us about your upcoming collaborations?
My new album is full of collaborations. I think there are around eight to 10 tracks and more or less all songs are collaborations, so, it will be an interesting one. I have been waiting to release my album for a while and I am coming very close to the finish line now, so, this year is going to be all about releasing my album and touring.

What’s your process of creating music?
The process keeps changing from song to song, sometimes I start with the melody, and at other times, I start with the rhythm.

What’s your take on music and getting popular on Instagram?
I don’t really know but I feel that it is different for everyone. Personally, I feel like the album is still very important, so, I work on albums. At the moment, I prefer to do full-length music songs and full-length albums. I don’t really like making short-format songs; I think it restricts my storytelling capability.

How has your experience been in mixing and recreating cult Bollywood songs like Disco Dancer?
These are definitely not original songs but remixes that I have made. Making those remixes was definitely a lot of fun!

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