Works by artist Vinod Sharma that are on display at this online exhibition
Works by artist Vinod Sharma that are on display at this online exhibition

Meditative terrains

This artist gives us an insight into his latest online exhibition and delves into his commitment to exploring landscape through art by unfolding facets beyond the contours

Examine the many works of Vinod Sharma, and you will find a pattern—one that the artist, in all probability, is most comfortable with. Sharma often depicts landscape by means of figuration, and it is replete with hues that complement the narrative he aims to capture. Through his recent solo online exhibition, which is aptly titled The Mystical Mountains, Sharma grants the viewer an opportunity to experience the meditative and serene facets of the Himalayas, which, as is believed, was the abode of the Hindu deity Lord Shiva.  

Among the many dimensions that the artist brings forth in the domain of landscape art, it is the evocation of solitude on canvas that is most impressive. Ask him to explain whether this perspective is a result of his artistic process over the years, and Sharma says, “I have been an avid traveller. My canvases are a reflection of unconscious observations of my subconscious mind.” Sharma unintentionally highlights how nuanced his understanding of contours remains when he shares, “All my works have been done at my studio without visual references, photographs or sketches.”

Capturing minds

Artist and designer Manisha Gawade—she co-founded Ehsaas, Delhi, along with her sister Alka Raghuvanshi—has curated The Mystical Mountains, which is supported by Arthouse by AV, Dubai. Gawade shares, “Our organisation Ehsaas has always promoted art and artists to further their endeavours and bring them closer to the international audience. Sharma’s mountainscapes have always been celebrated the world over. The presence of the artist’s meditative state melts into the hearts and minds of the onlooker.”

One might think that Sharma—a pupil of pioneering artists such as Somnath Hore and KG Subramanyan—might be more conventional in approach, reluctant to connect with the viewer through the digital medium. Sharma, on the contrary, has taken to the innovative format, “When Manisha approached me and suggested an online show, I happily agreed as technology is the language of the future. This would reach many more audiences than is possible for a physical show.”

Musings on canvas

As a curator, Gawade is cognisant of Sharma’s deep understanding of the mountainous terrains, which she calls “uncanny”. While speaking about this particular exhibition—it commenced on Monday and will be available for online viewing till June 15—she highlights Sharma’s artistic prowess, “In his work, we see the mystical Himalayas, standing timeless, ageless, forever there. The details and creases of the mountain landscapes are clearly visible. The meditative works of art automatically draw the onlooker to the Nagri of Shiva—the Himalayas. As one takes a closer look into the artist’s journey, they get a peep into his spiritual journey as well.”

Through his simplistic use of colour, Sharma accomplishes, on canvas, something simple yet very powerful. The artist explains his work, “Starting from the Ganga as the holy river, which originates from the Himalayas—the land of Shiva and a place of meditation—has always pulled me unconsciously, inspiring my brush to automatically paint the beautiful hues on canvas.” Under the tutelage of the greats, Sharma mentions having been “taught at an early age that if you know how to draw, you can use any colour palette, and excessive use of colours is not so important. A good painting can be created with just a piece of charcoal.”

These 28 works of art are instrumental in showcasing how easily Sharma can narrate a tale that goes beyond the landscape. Ask him how he blends his love of terrains and storytelling through art, and the artist signs off, “It the mystery of the mountains themselves that leaves me awe-inspired, which I try to pass onto the onlooker. From the origin of Mother Earth, which is the mightiest, nature has always adored our land and lives, leaving behind hundreds of stories. When we as humans start respecting Mother Earth, it will always find its way of respecting us.”


WHAT:  Artist Vinod Sharma’s ‘The Mystical Mountains’ by Ehsaas, Delhi, supported by Art House by AV, Dubai
WHEN:  Till June 15
WHERE:  Ehsaas Art on Instagram and Facebook

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