Delhi mayor orders probe into ‘irregular’ practices at Nigam Bodh Ghat

As per the information, people are being charged up to Rs 5 lakh each for installing such name plates.
Delhi Mayor Shelly Oberoi. ( Express)
Delhi Mayor Shelly Oberoi. ( Express)

NEW DELHI: After a surprise inspection of Nigam Bodh Ghat at Kashmere Gate on Thursday, Mayor Shelly Oberoi noted many irregularities in its operation. According to the information from the mayor’s office, people complained that stone plates in the names of the deceased are being installed by taking money ‘illegally’, as no such permission has come from the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD).

As per the information, people are being charged up to Rs 5 lakh each for installing such nameplates.
Apart from this, people alleged that money is also being taken in the name of VIP cremation, for which there is no provision in the MoU. No amount can be charged in the name of VIP cremation or decoration.

Oberoi said, “This is a matter related to humanity. The complaint of extortion in the name of charity is serious. There money can be taken only for wood, puja material and pandit. Its rates are also fixed in the MoU of MCD.”

It was also discovered that peepal wood was being used in cremation at the ghat, which is prohibited and a saw for cutting wood has been installed in the premises without permission. Taking cognisance of the issue, Mayor Oberoi held a high-level meeting and instructed the officials to investigate all the complaints and to submit a report on it at the earliest.

The mayor also directed officials to rationalise the rates related to last rites at the cremation ground and gave strict instructions to the officials that the cremation grounds should be operated only on the basis of the terms and conditions set by the MCD. If an organization harasses citizens, strict action will be taken against them, the mayor said.

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