Rights activists slam Modi government over rise in violence against minority

The United Christian Forum has in its annual report said there are two incidents of persecution a day in the country.
Image used for representational purpose only. (Express IIlustration)
Image used for representational purpose only. (Express IIlustration)

NEW DELHI: Academicians, activists, and the religious community have today condemned the religious leaders for not raising minority attack issues in India and choosing to felicitate Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Christmas.

Civil Society expressed their deep concern over the alarming level of rise in ‘religious persecution’ against minority communities across the country and demanded immediate intervention from the Modi government.

“Christian community condemned religious leaders for not raising minority persecution issues with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and instead chose to felicitate and eulogise him on Christmas Day,” says John Dayal, a human rights activist and a member of the National Integration Council of India.

A C Michael, president of Delhi Catholic Community, presented data on the rise of violence against the Christian community. The United Christian Forum has in its annual report said there are two incidents of persecution a day in the country.

“Our data collection shows that there were 140 attacks against Christians in 2014 which has been increased to over 700 in 2023,” said Michael.

When asked about the credibility of the data, Michael said United Christian Forum has set up a helpline service number where all these complaints are registered.

“The government’s agencies do not collect crime against religious minority data however, they collect crime against Dalits, tribes, notified tribes, and others,” Michael added.

Prof. Apoorvanand who teaches at Delhi University also underlined systematic violence and injustice against minorities.

“Violence and injustice are quite visible against Muslims followed by Christians in the country in the past 10 years,” says Prof. Apoorvanand.

These community leaders also sought attention to ongoing violence against the Christian Community in Manipur, the illegal arrest of a hundred Christian communities in Uttar Pradesh under anti-conversion laws. Apart from Prosecution, arrests, and the crisis of schools and other institutions, the massive social issue of the Dalit Christians remains. The cancellation of FCRA of many churches left their charity work in the lurch and caused joblessness on a large scale among the community. The government has been using the investigating agencies against cardinals, Bishops, Pastors, and lay people.

“Every international and national human rights body has indicted India for its treatment of religious minorities, especially Muslims and Christians,” said Shabnam Hashmi, a rights activist. 

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