Vivid greens: Anmol Jewellers’ latest collection.
Vivid greens: Anmol Jewellers’ latest collection.

Green with envy

The ‘Evergreen Emeralds’ collection is inspired by the lush beauty of nature

NEW DELHI: Emeralds, with their deep green allure, have captivated hearts and imaginations over centuries, transcending time and cultures with their mystical and historical significance. This gemstone’s connection to foresight, good fortune, and youth, adds layers of intrigue and desirability, making emerald jewellery not just an accessory but a talisman. The legend that surrounds this birthstone enhance its appeal, intertwining the natural world with the mystical.

Rewriting the narrative of emerald jewellery in contemporary fashion is Anmol Jewellers with its latest collection titled ‘Evergreen Emeralds’as part of its 38th anniversary.

“Emeralds have always been our favourite. It is certainly a lasting trend, given the recent surge in demand. It seems that the popularity of emeralds, notably worn by celebrities and prominent figures, is a significant factor in their continued appeal,” says Ishu Datwani, founder of the brand.

The collection was insp-ired by the lush beauty of nature. “We drew upon the vibrant hues of emerald green found in forests, meadows, as well as the glistening beauty of diamonds capturing the essence of tranquility and elegance. Each piece in the collection reflects the timeless charm and natural allure of emeralds, making it a true celebration of the beauty that surrounds us,” he says.

Emeralds are known for their rich colour and history and a lot of techniques are involved in creating each.“Skilled artisans meticulously cut and shape each emerald to enhance its natural beauty. They use traditional techniques passed down through generations, combined with modern innovation, to bring each piece to life with precision and attention to detail,” says Ishu.

Among the standout pieces in this collection is a stunning emerald necklace that features a unique design inspired by nature. “Intricate details and the vibrant green hue of the emeralds make this piece truly captivating. Another standout piece is a pair of emerald earrings that showcase a modern twist on a classic style, making them both elegant and contemporary,” he says.

The use of emeralds in jewellery is often associated with various meanings and symbolism. And the brand has designed this collection with a deep understanding of the symbolic significance of these gemstones.“The use of emeralds is intended to evoke feelings of tranquility, harmony, and renewal. Through this collection, we seek to inspire the women out there to embrace their inner strength, nature’s beauty, and radiate a sense of timeless allure and grace,” Ishu adds.

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