Kanika sets the sonic pace

Kanika Kapoor opens up about her recent track, ‘Koka’, which encloses upbeat Afrobeat rhythms with earworm lyrics
Kanika Kapoor
Kanika Kapoor

Kanika Kapoor is a musical maven; she’s busy transforming the rhythm of Bollywood one beat at a time, all while framing a space where the next generation of artistes can thrive and dazzle. The songstress, whose voice has serenaded millions, is casting her musical nets far beyond the familiar shores of Bollywood. Her latest ambition? To elevate emerging talents through her very own music label, showcasing a world of diverse voices and stories.

Her recent single, ‘Koka’ speaks of her evolving artistry. A spirited union between Indian and Nigerian artistes, this track is an infectious blend of Afrobeat rhythms and magnetic refrains. Kanika describes it as a merrymaking of femininity and joy, a piece designed to empower and uplift.‘Koka’ epitomises her loyalty to creating music that bridges cultures and resonates globally.

Reflecting on her career, she shares some words of advice she’d gift her younger self and any budding artiste. “Believe in your magic, fiercely, and surround yourself with those who champion your dreams.” Kanika also adds that nurturing a supportive circle is essential for survival and success in the glittering yet gruelling world of music.

Her recipe for staying relevant in the fast-paced industry includes a dash of adaptability, a sprinkle of innovation, and heaps of authenticity. She treasures the richness that traditional and folk music brings to modern melodies, blending the old with the new to titillate multi-age listeners.

Away from the microphone, her heart beats for philanthropy. She is passionate about propelling young musicians from deprived backgrounds into the spotlight, ensuring they have the opportunities to weave their musical destinies. “It’s all about paying it forward,” Kanika tells us. While the success of ‘Baby Doll’ catapulted her into fame, one can also note that the song’s widespread acclaim and enduring popularity thrill her to this day. “It’s a phenomenon that continues to dance through the hearts of many,” she recalls.

With the launch of Bajao Records, Kanika is poised to redefine the music landscape. The label is her playground for presenting indie and contemporary beats, offering a shelter for artistes who dream differently. “The idea is to showcase a wide range of musical genres and styles, from traditional folk to contemporary pop, cross-border collaborations and provide a platform for emerging artistes to share their voices with the world. Fans can expect some great music, teamwork, singles, and also a lot of heartwarming mastery with their original music,” she concludes.

Koka is streaming on all platforms.

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