Traffic congestion foils teenagers’ plan to flee with snatched mobile phone

The plot thickens as the intrepid duo makes a break for it, only to find themselves face-to-face with the long arm of the law.
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NEW DELHI: In a twist of fate that seems straight out of a slapstick comedy, two teenage would-be criminals found themselves in a sticky situation that not even their wildest dreams—or nightmares—could have conjured up. Picture this: two 16-year-olds, whose resumes show more school absences than attendances and a penchant for narcotics, decided to embark on a petty crime spree in the bustling lanes of North Delhi. Little did they know, destiny had quite the ironic twist in store for them.

On the fateful evening of February 17, these young desperados, aboard their trusty steed—a not-so-legally acquired scooter—set off into the sunset, eyes peeled for an easy mark. Their victim? A man engrossed in his phone conversation, blissfully unaware of the impending snatch-and-grab. But, as fate would have it, their slick operation hit a snag when the phone clumsily tumbled to the ground in a comedy of errors.

The plot thickens as the intrepid duo makes a break for it, only to find themselves face-to-face with the long arm of the law. The North Delhi police, vigilant as ever, were already lying in wait, having set up pickets in anticipation of such shenanigans. And just when our young anti-heroes thought they had a fighting chance, they slammed into an adversary they hadn’t planned for: a monstrous traffic jam in the narrow alleys, turning their escape route into an open-air prison.

With the traffic ensnaring them in its clutches, the police swooped in, turning their flight into a farcical foot chase of sorts, albeit without the actual ‘chase’ part. Deputy Commissioner of Police (North) MK Meena, recounted how the duo was “unfortunately” caught in the vehicular snarl, making it child’s play to nab them.

Their bid for freedom was as futile as their attempt at thievery, with the stolen scooter serving as the cherry on top of their misadventure sundae. As they were carted off to face the music, one can only imagine them rueing the day they decided a traffic jam in North Delhi was merely an obstacle, not realising it was, in fact, the way of telling them crime really doesn’t pay.

Blessing in disguise

In a twist of fate, Delhi’s notorious traffic became an unlikely hero, trapping two young snatchers in its snarling web. The duo, dreaming of a quick getaway on a stolen scooty, found themselves outwitted by the very chaos they hoped to exploit. Karma, it seems, rides a scooter too—in rush hour.

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