An outlook of holistic wellness

Holistic wellness is the balance of the mind, body and spirit, a fine and delicate tuning that can be attained with discipline and practice and some insight into how it can be achieved.
For representational purposes
For representational purposes

Holistic Wellness’ is a phrase that has been used for ages by sages, elders and enlightened souls to improve one’s lifestyle. Today, it has become new-age jargon that is understood by few and followed by fewer. Let me tell you that there can be no beauty without holistic wellness and I prefer to term it as ‘Wholistic Wellbeing’ without which one can neither attain inner nor external beauty.

So what is this Wholistic Wellbeing? Is it possible in our stressed-out and calculated minute-by-minute lifestyles? Well, yes, of course. Here’s a simple way of explaining what I think it is Holistic wellness is the balance of the mind, body and spirit, a fine and delicate tuning that can be attained with discipline and practice and some insight into how it can be achieved.

Mind Wellness- Have you seen how people who are stressed start having a strained look on their faces? Wrinkles set in. Anger can also, many times, make even the most stunning person look ugly. A calm mind and a focused outlook can change the way you look and feel. Some people have a habit of complaining about everything and others have mountains of turbulence in their lives and yet sail through it with a smile.

They look youthful and glow. So how does one control the mind? Meditation will help you to a great extent. I am not expecting you to sit like an ancient sage for hours on a mountain top crossed-legged, trying to blank out the mind. Meditation is a state where even if you can focus inwards on your breathing for five minutes a day you will be on the way to mindful well-being.

Body Wellness- Give the body what it requires and not what your mind says it might require. So if your mind says have a chocolate truffle pastry, as it is craving for the same, control it and give the body a healthy snack that will nourish it. Diet plays an important role in wellness, skin and hair care and there is no way that you will look good if you don’t have healthy eating habits.

Salads, fresh fruit, seasonal vegetables and hydration is the need of the hour and if you do work out a healthy meal plan for yourself, not only will your skin and hair condition improve but also the way you feel about yourself. Exercise regularly, walk in the fresh air, do some yoga, any form of exercise that helps increase blood circulation and bring a glow to your skin.

A skin and hair care routine is essential for body wellness and the basics of cleaning, toning and moisturising should be inculcated into a daily routine. To tone the skin, rose water spritzed onto it is super. One of the best rejuvenators for the skin is aloe vera and papaya mixed. You have no idea how wonderful this humble couple is when used together. Take 2 tsp mashed papaya and mix 1 tsp of fresh aloe vera gel and massage onto the skin. Wash off after five minutes.

So now you know how to look after your body. Let’s come to holistic wellness. Soul or Spirit wellness- This is perhaps the most difficult part of holistic wellness. You can understand it in simple terms if you understand the spirit of a child. Be childlike, and have no inhibitions. It’s great to know that you are a grown-up but it’s a disaster to know that so many of us have lost the childish spirit in us due to years of mentoring as to how we should behave and how we shouldn’t.

We carry baggage in our already overloaded hearts and do only those things we are supposed to do; not enjoying what life is all about. In other words, if you want to dance, don’t stop yourself. If you want to blow bubbles to make yourself happy blow away, listen to your favourite music, dress like you want, spend time with yourself and find time for yourself. Embrace every moment of life as if there’s no tomorrow and if you want to join me in this movement write to me on Instagram and I’ll show you how to have an outlook of Holistic Wellness in 2024!

Happy New Year!

Natural skin cleaners

Rose water pads: Dip cotton wool in rose water and wipe the skin with it. If you have a dry or combination skin, take 1 tsp of honey and massage onto skin and leave on for five minutes.Wipe off with wet cotton wool, removing dirt and grime.

Oatmeal mix: Use 2 tsp oatmeal made into a thick paste by mixing with milk and scrub in a rotating manner on the skin. Wash off and pat dry. If you have oily skin, take 2 tsp red masoor lentil and mix with 1 tsp fuller’s earth and enough rose water to make a smooth paste. Scrub onto skin gently. Wash off.

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