AI, the future of music videos?

Musician Siddhant Goenka releases his pop-rock farewell anthem, Alvida, and discusses its music video made with AI
Indie musician Siddhant Goenka
Indie musician Siddhant Goenka

While growing up, indie musician Siddhant Goenka was introduced to legends like Hemant Kumar and Jagjit Singh. This formed the base for his earliest stints. Western legacy bands Scorpions, The Eagles, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Nirvana, and Metallica further gave shape to his music. Eventually, developing a varied taste derived from countless different streams and genres of music, the artiste has produced several singles. His past projects like Jazbaat and Pari have amassed hundreds of thousands of streams online.

Keeping up with the spirit, the musician has now produced a pop-rock track, which he describes as a rollercoaster of emotions. Alvida is an intense track, the score of which has been worked on by Siddhant and Pratham Sheth. The track also has a music video made entirely using AI tools. We talk to Siddhant to learn more about the song and the future of AI and art. Excerpts from a conversation:

What emotions are associated with the narrative presented in Alvida?

The music video is a visceral journey into the soul of a musician engulfed in anguish, anger, and pain. Hestands amid a world on the brink of apocalypse, where nothing remains pristine, everything around him decays. In the heart of this desolation, the wild musician screams at the top of his lungs, a raw, powerful expression of emotion.

You used AI to produce art in the music video for the song. Do you think it is the future of all things art and creativity?

AI may be the spark that sets the creative fire ablaze, but it’s the human touch that fans the flames. While AI tools can be amazing facilitators, helping artists bring their visions to life, they can’t replace the magic of human imagination. It’s the artist’s unique experiences, emotions, and meticulous input that make the creative process truly special. AI can enhance and refine, but it’s the human element that injects art with authenticity and soul.

Did the outputs from the AI generator live up to your expectations?

Honestly, using AI felt like a delicate dance between triumphs and tribulations, where every misstep refines my vision. I envision a captivating narrative, that beckons me to bring it to life. It’s really all about the harmony between what’s on-screen and what you hear. The visuals must synchronise with the music hereby amplifying the emotion and essence of the song.

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