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With World Chocolate Day having just gone by, here’s what you can whip up through the week – from choco bowl to chocolate trifle with caramelised apple
Millet chia choco bowl with yoghurt & fruits (L), No-Bake Chocolate Tart  (R)
Millet chia choco bowl with yoghurt & fruits (L), No-Bake Chocolate Tart (R)

Eva’s healthy bakes, founder By Jeemol Koruth Verghese

Millet chia choco bowl with yoghurt & fruits


Ragi flakes - 1/4 cup

Chia seed - 2 tbsp

Milk - 100 ml

Date paste - 3 tbsp

Honey - as per taste

Yoghurt - 1 cup

Cocoa powder - 1/2 tsp

Method: To a bowl, add ragi flakes, chia seeds, date paste, yoghurt, honey and cocoa powder paste (for the paste add some milk to the cocoa powder). Mix everything, and make sure to add milk in small quantities in between. Let it set for 30 minutes at room temperature or overnight in the refrigerator for better flavour. Add more milk if you want to adjust the consistency. Garnish with chocolate chips, your choice of fruits and nuts.

No-Bake Chocolate Tart By Sheeba La Fleur


Digestive biscuit: 15 pieces

Butter: 6 tbsp (Melted)

Butter (Soften): 4 tbsp

Dark Chocolate

(Semi sweet): 300 gm

Heavy cream: 1 cup

Brown sugar: 3 tbsp

Salt: 1 pinch

Vanilla essence : 1 tsp

Whipped Cream

(For topping): 1 tbsp

Method: Take 15 pieces of digestive biscuits and crush them in a chopper. Add 6 tbsp of melted butter and mix them well for a fine crumbly crust. Pour these crumbles into the 9-inch bottom tart pan and gently press down for an even tart crust. Refrigerate the tart crust for 20 minutes for the set.

Take the 300 grams of semi-sweet dark chocolate and cut them into fine pieces. Now for double boiling, in a deep pot, boil some water. In a large glass bowl, add the chopped chocolate and place the bowl on top of the boiling water to melt the chocolate. Add 1 cup of heavy cream to the bowl. Add 3 tbsps of brown sugar, 4 tbsps of soft butter, a pinch of salt, 1 tsp vanilla essence and crushed chocolate in the heavy cream. Stir well to completely melt the chocolate. Pour the chocolate filling into the cold tart crust. Refrigerate the tart overnight or until set. Add whipped cream and sprinkle ground coffee or chocolate before serving.

Chocolate trifle with caramelised apple By Priya Kolassery

For custard

Milk: 1 cup, Sugar: 1 tbsp

Egg yolks: 3

Cocoa powder: 1 tbsp

Vanilla essence 1 tsp

For berry filling

Blueberry / blackBerry / blackcurrant

Hot water: 3 tbsp

Sugar: 1 tsp

For caramelised apple

Apple: 1, Sugar : 2 tbsp

Butter - 1/4 tsp

Method: In a bowl, add the yolk of three eggs, sugar and vanilla essence. Mix well. Heat the milk in a pan. From this, take half a cup of milk and add to the egg mixture, mix continuously. Add some cocoa powder to the remaining mix and stir well. Pour it into the egg mixture. Now, keep aside this to cool down.

For the berry filling

Soak the berries in a lukewarm water for 15 minutes. Add 1 tsp sugar and cook it on low flame. Keep it aside.

For caramelised apple

Peel the skin of the apple and chop them into fine cube pieces. To a pan, melt two tablespoons of sugar until it turns brown. Then add butter to it. Put the chopped apple pieces to it and mix well. Keep it aside and let it cool down for a while.

How to set the trifle

To a tall glass, add the berry mix, then chocolate custard and on top add the caramelised apples.

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