Teachers in same school for 10 years can get transfer: Delhi government

The government school teachers association stated that as most teachers seek to transfer to the desired school, this will invite corruption and malpractice.
The circular invited its share of controversy on Tuesday
The circular invited its share of controversy on TuesdayRepresentational image | Express

NEW DELHI: Delhi’s education department has issued a circular asking the teaching staff who have completed ten years in a particular school to apply online for a transfer.

However, the circular has not been without its share of controversy.

The school teachers association has voiced its concerns, arguing that the policy could lead to the loss of experienced teachers and potential corruption within the directorate’s decision-making process.

“All the teachers who have completed 10 years continuously in the same school shall compulsorily apply online vide this circular for transfer based on mutual or general opting for the maximum number of schools.

Such teachers who do not apply online videthis circular, HQ on its own will transfer them to any school as per official requirement,” read the guidelines. Responding to the circular, Government School Teacher Association (GSTA) said, “The guideline must be revoked as a teacher posted to the same school for prolonged periods can have advantages such as considerable experience and understanding of the area and demographic, allowing for better teaching methods. Teachers become familiar with the parents, thus nurturing the students more effectively.”

Highlighting the importance of an experienced teacher, GSTA president Ajay Veer Yadav said, “Since ancient times, we have seen the same teacher impart knowledge to two or three generations of the same family.”

“Allowing such a point in the guidelines would lead to affected teachers seeking transfers back to their schools, potentially resulting in corruption within the directorate. The entire transfer process should be free of manipulation and malpractices,” he added.

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