The job is to keep having fun

However the way life energy works is that the energy of less keeps us locked in less.
The job is to keep having fun

A designer friend calls me and laments. Of the many things were the current state of affairs, the changing tastes of our target audience, the changed work ethic of the younger generation, the change in availability of the skilled artisans we work with, and the change in our own financial prowess to make more things possible. And of course how difficult it is to stay alive, leave aside be productive at temperature 52 degrees.

I hear him out as that is the job of a friend. But I also see more. Everything he said was valid and not made from a place of peevishness or entitlement. However the way life energy works is that the energy of less keeps us locked in less.

A few hours later I call him back. We talk about different things. We talk about his lifetime of exciting travel enabled by his professional life and how much this has enhanced his world view. We then go on to discuss the series of unstoppable adventures that has been his life as a celebrated designer. He tells me that he suddenly begins to feel grateful and as we go on I can sense his excitement.

Soon, there is so much that it has crossed over to the present moment. He even tells me that basically the temperature is a number for him and it doesn’t really cause discomfiture. As we hang up, I can sense that he is feeling energised. A long way off from the feeling of deprivation.

Almost all holy texts, new age writing, gurus young and old seem to tell us that the secret to creating the lives we want is not just to enter the frequency of feeling fabulous. But to stay in it for as long as we can. And keep returning to it quickly even though life keeps testing us and knocking us off balance.

I always think of love as attention. Even self love. I frequently encounter people who tell me, “Oh Anupamaa, I find it so easy to love others and so hard to love myself.” I would like to suggest quiet time getting to know yourself. Then paying attention on yourself, so you can know the things that makes you dull or glitter. Now dive into yourself to check on the ‘feel good’ or the ‘glitter quotient’. Do this as often as you can. And the more shiny feelings you have, the more iridescence is to follow.

Your only job is to keep having fun. The caveat here is attentiveness. Still, how hard can having fun be!

Anupamaa Dayal

This fashion designer is about happy clothes and happy homes for happy women

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