Karishma’s charisma!

Known for her relatable comedy and spot-on comic timing, Karishma Gangwal recently made her debut at Cannes
Karishma Gangwal at Cannes
Karishma Gangwal at Cannes

Karishma Gangwal’s journey into the world of comedy began with a deep passion for storytelling and making people laugh. After pursuing a career as an RJ, which Karishma says she loved, she always felt a pull towards creating her own content.

As she tells us, “Leaving a stable job was scary, especially given my simple background and the struggles we’ve faced. Despite the fear, I decided to take the leap and try something new. I dove into content creation without really knowing how freelancing worked or how I’d fit into the vast online world.” But that leap eventually took her to Cannes this year! An excited Karishma tells us more.


This was your debut at Cannes! Ever imagined you would be walking the red carpet at Cannes?

I never imagined that! It was a surreal experience and a dream come true for me. It feels amazing being part of something truly special in the world of cinema.

What was the experience like?

It was an incredible privilege to have had the opportunity to watch these cinematic masterpieces before they were unveiled to the world, sitting amongst esteemed filmmakers who had poured their hearts into creating these works of art. Being in the presence of such top-tier talent was truly inspiring.

You are known for your comedy content.

Does comedy come naturally to you?

Comedy has always been a big part of my life, thanks to my incredible family. From my grandparents to my cousins, we all have this natural ability to make each other laugh.

There are many content creators of comedy, how do you ensure yours is different?

To ensure my work is different, I stay authentic to myself. I think from my perspective and the audience’s perspectivew and they match, then it’s a ‘go’ for me.

Among all the characters you play, who is your favourite and why?

I’d say Vicky and Nani hold a special place in my heart. Vicky is just so adorable and has this infectious charm that everyone loves. And then there’s Nani, who is like the backbone of the family. She’s always got Vicky and Chikky’s back, fiercely defending them, and her sense of humour is just unmatched.

What are the projects you are currently involved in?

Well, I’m deep into crafting my own content at the moment, with an eye on transitioning to OTT platforms soon.

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