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Actor Adah Sharma on why she is always ready to learn new martial art forms
Actor Adah Sharma
Actor Adah Sharma

Cute, vivacious, bubbly and full of life, that’s how Adah Sharma is usually known to be. Of course, she is all of that, but she is also fierce, strong, has a mind of her own, and never fails to follow her heart. One may remember that the actress was recently in news for moving into the house where late actor Sushant Singh Rajput once lived.

She was just following her heart in choosing this place that had been vacant for three years (ever since Sushant was found dead by hanging in his room). Confirming that she has moved into her new house, Adah tells us, “Yes, I have moved to the apartment. The place is beautiful! I can see the sunrise from one window and moonrise from the other! It is one with nature; birds and squirrels come to visit it as they did in my previous home.”

Amidst the jostling between the hordes of newcomers and the space occupied by the established, Adah has stood the test of time, staying true to who she is, personally and professionally. A major contribution to her wellbeing and something that helps her stay strong and motivated in this fastpaced world and the demanding industry she belongs to, has been yoga. We also got talking to Adah about movies, a project that requires her to be something that isn’t human, roles she wants to play (from a doctor to an apple, she tells us) and her vibrant fashion sense. Excerpts from ourconversation:

You are also a Silambam artiste. How is yoga and Silambaam similar or different?

Yoga involves stretching and meditation; Silambam is a form of martial arts with a stick.

You also do Mallakhamba, belly dance, Kathak... How do you keep continuing to practise all these forms?

Mallakhamba is yoga on the rope 10 ft off the ground. I have graduated in Kathak, and I enjoy practising different forms of dance, so it’s easy to continue.

Did you always want to learn so many things all at the same time?

I didn’t really think about it. It just happened on the way as life happened!

What does a day in Adah Sharma’s life look like?

It’s kind of a mixture of Jurassic Park and Mr Beans’ life if I’m shooting; and if I’m not, then it’s like Tarzan’s life (laughs).

Moving on to movies, what are the projects you are currently working on?

My next project requires me to be something that isn’t human so I’m preparing for that!

You were great in Kerala Story, a role we have not seen you before in. What made you choose it?

Instinct. I thought I had to do it.

Do you feel you have got your due yet as an actor? Do you feel you are often typecast?

Kerala Story has become the highest grossing female lead film of all time in the history of Indian movies, so I think I’ve definitely got my due and more.

I started with a horror film, 1920, did action with Commando, drama with Kerala Story, and comedy with Sunflower. So, I’m glad makers aren’t typecasting me and everyone sees a new Adah in me.

Also, why don’t you do more movies? Is it a conscious decision to do less?

I had four releases from May 2023 to 2024. The Kerala Story, Commando, Sunflower Season 2 and Bastar. I think if I do more than that in a year, people might get sick of me!

Who are some of the actors and directors you are waiting to work with, and the kind of roles you want to do?

From A to Z of the actors and directors list! I would like to work with all of them. And I would like to play everything from a doctor to an apple.

You have a Tamil connection, can you speak Tamil? Also, are you doing movies in the South?

Yes, I can speak Tamil. I’m doing a lot of films in many languages and different accents. It’s very exciting.

Moving on to fashion, you have a very unique style sense, and it does seem like you love pop colours.

How do you come up with these style ideas?

Thank you! I allow my creativity to flow. When it’s about a character, we stick to the clothes as the character would, but as Adah, I can do as I please and be a new human every day.

What’s your skincare regimen like?

Basic. I’m more of a ‘it depends on what you are putting into your gut’ kind of person. I use benzoyl peroxide on my face and petroleum jelly; other than that, I keep it natural.

Quick 4

A yoga pose/asana you still haven’t got right?


An asana that you feel is the most difficult?


A yoga mat you highly recommend?

Natural grass!

If your partner didn’t know or practise yoga, would that be a deal-breaker?

No. I don’t have many deal-breakers; I have just one — he should have four legs and a tail.

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