The Palacio has got game

The sprawling 56,000-sq foot entertainment zone, debuts in Delhi-NCR as one of the biggest gaming arenas in the capital offering a bowling alley, an arcade, artificial and virtual reality games, trampoline activities, and fine dining
(L) The Game Palacio Playing a VR game
(L) The Game Palacio Playing a VR game

Come summer vacations and indoor gaming experiences become a rage. While Delhi has its fair share of indoor gaming zones, they either specialise in bowling, video games, mystery rooms, go-karting, or other specific activities. But now, in a first, the city has got an-all-in-one gaming experience as The Game Palacio debuts at Noida’s DLF Mall of India. It brings a bowling alley, an arcade, video games, Artificial and Virtual Reality (AR and VR) games, a cricket-playing zone, trampoline activities, pool table, and much more, besides fine dining, and a lounge spread over a massive 56,000 sq. feet.

On entering the gaming zone, we are dazzled by its state-of-the-art lighting and hanging cane-work lamps that reflect a gold colour on the dark marble floorings. An electrifying galaxy of over 80-100 games awaits us. We dive head first into their bestselling VR Super Agent game. The VR gun-integrated machine structure has a high-definition visual display. A player has to enter a virtual realm and shoot the enemy on screen, making one feel like a sharp-shooter.

Players can also choose among other popular VR games such as 9DX Arcade Car, and Moto Go VR for a pulse-pounding racing spree. Tempted by the call of speed, we went for a video game F&F Arcade where one has to race with super cars and blow away everything that comes one’s way! Move a little further, and a range of claw games appear, such as Key Master, Telephone Booth and Wawa Show—each one comes with a fantastic prize if you win.

Gaming roads end at Delhi NCR

The ingenious minds behind The Game Palacio are none other than dynamic sister-brother duo Prasuk and Priyanka Jain, who previously made waves in Delhi-NCR with Formula Karting in 2022, India’s largest go-karting hub. This time, for The Game Palacio, the founders of entertainment firm Snow World Entertainment, had visited world-famous gaming destinations like Las Vegas, for inspiration.

“We realised there’s a vacuum in India’s entertainment scene, dominated mostly by traditional forms. We wanted to put India on the global map in the hospitality and entertainment industry by bringing future-focused and diverse entertainment concepts,” Priyanka Jain tells TMS about The Game Palacio.

The duo decided to open it in Delhi-NCR, after successful runs in Mumbai, Pune and Chandigarh, given the capital’s status as a prominent cultural centre. “Having witnessed the success of previous entertainment ventures such as Ski India and Formula Karting, it became evident that Delhi residents were seeking immersive entertainment experiences coupled with diverse culinary offerings,” says Jain, adding that the Palacio will soon open in Pitampura, Saket, and Golf Course Road due to the locations’ high demand for ‘unconventional’ entertainment options.

A fine dining experience

The Game Palacio also houses Italian luxury fine dine Verde and global bar Kamikaze for a sensory indulgence. We stepped inside Verde for an Italian culinary trail that offered us a myriad of options in zuppas, insalates, antipasti, risottos, pastas, pizzas, and dolci. We opted for Spaghetti romana; the saucy red-sauce pasta was infused with the creamy taste of white-wine porcini and a gentle sprinkle of morel dust.

Their bestseller, the Five Cheese Pizza, was another revelation loaded with five types of cheese — mozzarella, gouda, stracciatella, brie and parmesan, with veggie juliennes on the top. From Kamikaze, a mocktail of King’s Passion infused with the goodness of passion fruit, mango, litchis and dragon fruit boosted our energy on a hot summer day. The bar offers a variety of options ranging from American bourbons and sparkling wines to cocktails with a twist.

We headed straight for appetizers such as Butter Garlic Prawns, succulent prawns bathed in a pool of melted herbaceous butter. The finale had the moist Shanghai Chicken Dumplings filled with tender meat filling and served with rich flavoured condiments like burnt garlic sauce and red chilli sauce that took the flavours several notches higher! Besides good food in an exquisite setting, both the restaurants also offer live musical nights, DJ sessions and dance-themed nights for visitors to bring friends and family along for an overall entertaining experience.

With such futuristic games and global flavours on offer, we asked Jain about major trends in the entertainment industry for 2024. “This year will change the way we experience food and entertainment in this fast-paced world. The major change will be the involvement of AI in all the paths of creating an experience. One can expect the rise of e-sports, generative AI to become more ubiquitous in entertainment and greater investment in social media commerce. The food industry is also gearing up for a year of innovation and sustainability — from the growth of third culture cuisine to the celebration of unique flavours,” she says.

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