GHMC to launch Common Building Application Form

Citizens applying for permission for construction of multi storeyed buildings in Greater Hyderabad need not run from pillar to post to obtain NOCs from various government departments.

HYDERABAD:Citizens applying for permission for construction of multi storeyed buildings in Greater Hyderabad need not run from pillar to post to obtain no-objection certificates (NOCs) from various government department like revenue, fire services, irrigation, urban land ceiling, traffic police, Airports Authority of India and National Monuments Authority. The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) will do the job for them.

For the first time in the country, the GHMC is going to introduce Common Building Application Form for applicants seeking permissions, a sort of 'single window' system. The corporation will have direct online link with the above-mentioned departments to deal with them. Hitherto, the applicant has had to approach all these departments individually on his own for their respective permissions. For getting an NOC, it takes a few weeks or even months for citizens. NOCs from these so many entities is mandatory for the applicants if they are to get building permission from GHMC.

To save the applicants these hassles the GHMC will introduce Common Application Form in about a month's time, GHMC chief city planner S Devender Reddy told Express. The necessary software is being uploaded, and the data relating to various departments is in the process of being updated.

Citizens apply online for building plan approval under Development Permissions Management System (DPMS) for ground plus above five floors (above 18 metres high) at GHMC's head office on Tank Bund Road. After an application is uploaded, the corporation will scrutinise it and, if it sees the need for NOCs, will send the application details online to the department concerned for processing.

As per the new rules issued by the state government in January this year, building permission applications are to be cleared within 21 days _ ACP/LAO (five days), CP (two days), chief city planner (two days), building committee (five days), CCP (two days), commissioner (two days), CCP ( one day for fee intimation), CCP (two days for issuing proceedings). If a plan needs clearance from external agencies such as fire services, irrigation and SRDP, the respective HoDs should process it within a week. The time taken by the agencies is excluded from the overall time limit for disposal of building permission applications.

Plans for shopping and commercial complexes, and multiplexes it will be vetted by town planning officials. If they feel than NOC is required from any other department, the plan will be referred to them and they have to report back in seven days. If the application is sent to revenue department, it will verify if the land is private, government or shikam, and will send its report online to GHMC. If the application is sent to irrigation department, the latter will check if the land falls within the full tank level of a water body. If it is sent to ULC department, it will verify whether the lands come under ULC.

In cases of commercial buildings higher than 15 metres and residential buildings taller than 18 metres, the applications will be sent to the director-general of fire services for NOC. If a multiplex is to be built, the application will be sent to the traffic police who will study traffic implications and issue NOC if no problem is perceived. In case of buildings with 20,000, the applications will be sent to the Pollution Control Board for environmental clearance. If permission is sought for constructing a building within 100 to 200 metres of protected national monuments like Charminar or Golconda Fort, the application will be referred to the National Monuments Authority. In case of plans for buildings near airports and in air funnel zone or vicinity of airports, AAI will be approached for NOC.

The head of department, to whom the NOC request is sent, has to intimate approval or rejection within a week so that the GHMC can convey the same to the applicant. Devender Reddy said.

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