Milind on a #7Hour Marathon

‘Running man’  Milind Soman is all set to tell us why sleep is as important  as exercise to stay fit

HYDERABAD:  In an effort to help drive awareness on the importance of sleep, India’s biggest fitness icon Milind Soman has taken up an initiative titled #7HourMarathon. Mattress brand Duroflex kickstarted the activity with Milind Soman stirring up Twitter with the #7HourMarathonEveryday, which elicited a lot of response from Twitterati. The mystery was revealed by Milind the next day through an interview #7HourMarathon  with Abish Mathews of AIB.

In the reveal video, Milind let the cat out of the bag and clarified what he meant by #7HourMarathon was to commit to a daily seven hours of sleep routine to stay fit. He reiterated the importance and health benefits for proper sleep. He further encouraged people to take up the #7HourMarathon initiative and promised to be their sleep coach to help them develop a healthy sleep routine. Anyone can participate in the Duroflex 7 Hour Marathon and enlist Milind as their sleep coach by simply sharing the video with the #7HourMarathon. Through these conversations, Milind will be sharing valuable tips, daily for better sleep. Participants can in turn share their experiences, updates and progress upon taking this activity up with Milind Soman by using #7hourmarathon.

India’s population suffers from immense sleep deprivation which can be detrimental. In a consumer survey conducted by the mattress brand, many consumers complained about waking up tired and not sufficiently rechargedfor the day. Duroflex understands such sleep pain points like insomnia, sleep apnea etc. which can beimproved with better sleep conditions. 

Speaking on the looming sleep crisis and the need to commit to 7 hours of sleep, Milind Soman said, “Having been involved in sports all my life, I understand the importance of sleep. Sleep is essential for the body and mind and restful sleep is one of the foundations of good health.  Recharging and rejuvenating body and mind sufficiently every night is important for better quality of life. My own health resolution this year has been to sleep more and better.”The model-turned-marathon runner and actor has been inspiring India to run and stay fit for over a decade now. 

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