What to wear during your periods

World Menstrual Hygiene Day has got us all talking about the dreaded few days in a woman’s life. Let’s share some outfit hacks that make the shark week easier
What to wear during your periods

HYDERABAD: It’s a menstrual hygiene day! While we all are finally opening upon the taboo subject, it’s time we share some go-to ideas we all swear by during the dreaded shark week if you’re up for dressing up and showing up (you can always just stay home!). Here are a few: 

High waist everything
Anything that cuts on your waist will spell your doom during periods. High waist skirts or pants (ideally stretchy or loose) will help you take care of the bloating showing up. And the slight pressure might even help with the cramps. Make sure you don’t strangle yourself in tightness. 

Jeans are your best friend 
Now, jeans might not be a popular choice during periods. But jeans that aren’t skinny fitting or light coloured can come handy. Jeans that fit comfortably will make sure your pad or tampon stays in place. 

Try prints 
Stains are a woman’s biggest fear during those days of the month. No matter how careful you are there are always some accidents. Try wearing prints to camouflage the occasional leaks. Mind you this is just a contingency plan.  

Paired with the right kurta or even a long t-shirt, leggings are almost as comfortable as track pants. If you’re conscious of the bulge of pads or the stain scare, match it with a tunic or tops that go past your hips to stay safe. 

Skip the heels
This one is a no-brainer. One could skip the heels even when they aren’t on the period but stay away from the stilts during because of the pressure it causes on the lower back which is probably already hurting from cramps. 

Sporty and sneaky
Change your style to sporty for a few days. Pick t-shirt dresses if you have to go for a night out. These will keep you comfortable and will also feel dressy on occasions. Pick joggers and match them with a nice blouse or top to trick people into thinking you’re all put together. 

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