Solitude is the best company

The greenery is intoxicating especially in the mornings when you hear birds chirping.

HYDERABAD: “I live in a shared space and with other residents gone, I am getting more time to look deep within myself and am able to analyse what has been going around as well. Our own space is the only comforting spot in this world. There is nothing better than spending time with yourself. I have been preparing healthy meals for myself and while the dish is on the stove I take a stroll in the balcony adjacent to the kitchen which overlooks a park. 

The greenery is intoxicating especially in the mornings when you hear birds chirping. I then realise that nature always offers peace, uninterrupted joy and beauty it’s our lifestyles, thoughts, stress patterns, judgemental attitudes which add trouble.

Without these ‘additions’ from our side this earth is a much better place. Being away from the monotonous routine is helping me understand what my priorities and needs are; where I need to take a step back; how this solitude time is preparing me to enjoy my own company and most important to understand the point of view of others when it’s biased. 

Also, with no housekeeping staff on duty I realise that keeping our surrounding hygienic is not that difficult. I hope after the lockdown, we will find lesser people clogging the cities with garbage. It’s because of cleanliness and lesser people around that we are witnessing news of animals taking a stroll on the roads. Hope after we survive this better sense prevails and people understand humanity in better terms than just being balcony-citizens involved in lighting candles and chanting Bharat Mata ki jai ho!
— Sujata N, marketing professional

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