Coffee scrubs doing more harm than good?

Coffee contains many substances that prove to be great for the skin. It helps restore the pH balance, but its granules can damage delicate facial tissue
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For representational purposes

HYDERABAD: Coffee exfoliating scrubs have become one of the go-to products to include in skincare routines. Many of us have used coffee-based skin products and can see the magic it does to our skin. But when we use an exfoliating product that has coffee granules, we need to understand that a dermatologist’s advice is necessary. 

Especially, when it comes to scrubs, choosing the right consistency and roughness is key. Dr Syed Shazia Fatima, a medical skin and hair expert, helps us understand how coffee is used on the skin and why it is trending of late. “Coffee molecules contain many substances which are great for the skin. Coffee is acidic in nature and helps restore the skin’s pH balance, making it a great exfoliant. It also contains caffeic acid which is a good antioxidant. Also, chlorogenic acid is a healthy form of chemical exfoliation. Another merit is that coffee granules do not dissolve in the water, which makes them the ideal scrub. However, I wouldn’t recommend using it on the face.” 

Vaishnavi, one of the founders of Unsweetened Beauty (a social media account which is a one-stop solution for skin problems), helps us understand how coffee-based skin products help. “Anything harsh on the face, even if it is coffee, is not good. You can use it as a body scrub, but never use it on the face. It will damage your skin. Caffeine in skincare has become extremely popular, and the under-eye creams are hot-sellers. But let me tell you, it does not help. Instead of using these under-eye creams, better see a dermatologist.”

On the other hand, dermatologist Dr Swapna Priya recommends exercising caution while using coffee-based products. “When you’re using a coffee-based product, I suggest you use them safely and with a lot of care. The result will be time-tested, do not be for or against the products. It is a recent trend and it should be used under a doctor’s supervision,” she says.

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