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Too much screen time for little children during the pandemic hasn’t been good.
Learning Through Fun - an edutainment activity for children.
Learning Through Fun - an edutainment activity for children.

HYDERABAD :  Too much screen time for little children during the pandemic hasn’t been good. That’s where offline resources come in handy. Learning Through Fun, an edutainment activity book brand for children of age group between 2 – 8 years. It is the brainchild of two parents, Pooja and Siddharth Bhatia.

They say, “The go-to activity brand for children offline is ideal for home-schooling, WFH parents, travelling, gifting, workshops, weekends and post-school activities.” Many parents in Hyderabad have chosen this activity book as it comes with a variety to offer for every age group like the famous Mandala, festivals of India, smart toddlers set, animal kingdom set, whizzkid set, LTF champions set, book on Riddles, continents and oceans, space, superheroes and grammar for the children. Each book has elements of effective reasoning, decoding, speed and articulation with mathematical and problem-solving skills. The duo answer a few questions:

Too much screen time isn’t good for children. What can be done about it?
To reduce screen time for kids, one must ensure to keep their children engaged with other activities like reading, colouring, drawing playing board games like scrabble or monopoly, dancing etc. With these different ways, a parent can keep their kids engaged, while reducing screen time, keeping them occupied and productive. Our books help parents add structured skill development in their child’s upbringing and reduce screen time. We ensured to cover a large age range in our variety to keep kids engaged through various topics, from colouring in mandala art to learning about geography and even Grammar; to name a few topics.

How does ‘Learning Through Fun’ help young children?
LTF believes in engaging, entertaining and educating young children. All the books are specially designed to ensure that kids have fun while learning in the process. Each book has 24-28 pages keeping in mind the attention span of young children is limited.

How does it help young parents?
The books offered are not only engaging for the kids but it helps young parents to know that the worksheets we offer are reliable, fun and encourages personal growth for their kids, while they are also busy with their personal work life.

How does learning without screens help children?
Today screens are all around us and in the formative years, it is imperative for children to enhance their gross motor skills.

What are the attributes of that platform?
Reading books help children prevent cognitive decline, build vocabulary, stimulate their mind. the same helps develop their creativity skills and increases concentration levels among other benefits.

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