Green gold: Aarka jewellery's sustainable products

City-based Aarka jewellery is gaining popularity on Instagram. CE speaks to the biotechnologist-designer behind influencer-approved homegrown brand
Aarushi Singh
Aarushi Singh

HYDERABAD: You probably saw at least one of your favourite influencers from the city, including actor Nithya Menen, showing their unique and novel bling on social media. Made and sourced ethically in the country, Aarka jewellery birthed out of a need for sustainable yet simple, contemporary and everyday designs. Explaining the style of her designs, designer Aarushi Singh says, “It’s safe to say that the 21st century’s men and women are not afraid to express themselves, especially through jewelery. Aarka has something for everyone, for the days you feel like a total rebel to the days you are a hopeless romantic.”

The biotechnologist says she’s ‘full time married to a corporate job.’ “Aarka happened to me intuitively and consciously! I’ve always loved mixing and matching boho and modern jewelery which led me to making my own designs. What better than that to express my creativity through our styles,” says she.

Aarushi says Aarka’s USP lies in three things — affordability, novelty and the fact that the designs are not age-specific. “Our ‘waterproof-goodness’ line has pieces that you can forever cherish for,” she says adding that the growing demand for minimal jewellery has worked in her favour. “The trend began amid the pandemic — I believe people have been drawn towards minimalism over pricey, temporary materials. Gone are the days when one tried too hard to look chic — now, all you want to do, is wear comfortable, easy peasy accessories for when you’re working from home,” she tells CE.

Speaking about the response she has been receiving for three years now, she says, “The business has been growing and customers have been fabulous to say the least. Every day is a new challenge. Not only do I own the brand with a feather in my cap, I also am the one who takes care of the marketing, your customer care agent, the website technician, the content creator, the face of the brand! The appreciation we (myself and the brand) receive every single day is worth every struggle.”

Aarushi says that the boon of the amazing social app Instagram is that her brand has received much recognition and the reach that she has acquired in a short span, geographically, is an added bonus. “However, the disadvantage that we face is constant change of trends of the algorithm which is unstable at times,” she says.

For Aarka, which launches new jewellery almost every other month, October has been the best of all. “With almost 4 new collections launching this Halloween, I couldn’t have been more excited! Not only is this an expansion of our design catalog, but also an opportunity to win another heart. Our new collections to look for in the upcoming days are inspired by latest trends on major fashion runways and that is bling and some minimalist styles for the women in suits,” she says.

People express themselves through clothes and makeup but as someone who wants to make it big out there, she strongly believes that her jewellery plays a vital role in complementing it all. “Statement jewelery can speak your style louder than words. A quick tip and trick for jewellery lovers is that you must keep it playful and experiment with all sorts of tones and metals,” she signs off.

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