Hyderabad’s famous street foods 

Punugulu is another famous street food in the Telugu states.
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HYDERABAD: India, being a diverse country when it comes to food, finds many food lovers here. Indians love to eat different types of foods despite differences in states, countries etc. Let us explore some mouth-watering street foods in Hyderabad.

Mirchi Bajji is also known as Mirapakaya Bajji, especially in Telugu states. It is a popular evening snack found on many street corners of the city. The awesome aroma of the preparation of Mirchi Bajji will definitely make you fall in love with it. Hyderabadi Haleem is one of the well-known street foods in Hyderabad. This dish is famous during the holy month of Ramzan. The stew is made by boiling lentils, and grinding wheat, and meat together.

“These days street vendors are also maintaining proper hygiene to avoid health issues. Their first priority is their visitors’ health,” says Suresh, owner of Sri Markandeya Tiffin Centre. 

“You will get the food ordered within a fraction of a second when compared to restaurants. The whole family will work together to make their day easy,” said Rahul, a software engineer savouring the delicacies served at the stall. 

Dosa lovers in the city can find any type of Dosa at various places in the city. Pick your favourite - paneer, masala, onion, cheese etc, it is all there, each one with a unique taste of its own. Dosa is a very common breakfast served in our Telugu states.

Punugulu is another famous street food in the Telugu states. It is a common breakfast or evening snack and is best served with coconut chutney. This deep-fried snack is crispy on the outside and soft inside. A must-try food item if you are a street food lover.

Are you a lover of sweets? Want to taste the famous Jalebi? Jalebi is a popular dessert in the South. In contrast to a South Asian funnel cake, the batter is twisted into hot oil before being dipped into a sugar syrup. This batter can be produced from many types of flour, such as chickpea, maize, or any all-purpose flour. This is the most common dessert used in weddings.

If you are a Hyderabadi, you must try these items at least once in your lifetime. “No one can beat the taste of street food. Obviously, we won’t find mouth-watering tastes or aromas in restaurant foods. Even though both street side and restaurant foods are healthy, we don’t find them as exciting and eager to eat as much as street foods,” said Venkateswarlu, owner of Vasavi Tiffin Centre.

The customers at the stall shared some advantages of eating from the stalls. “Street foods are much cheaper than restaurant foods even if they use the same ingredients while preparing a particular dish,” said Raveesh, an IT employee. 

Not just the price, but the way food is prepared right in front of them also determines their choices. “It’s always better to eat the food for which we can see the preparation process of that particular item. Street stall vendors prepare the food items in front of us so that we can eat them without any hesitation.

Restaurant foods are not prepared in front of our eyes so we cannot identify whether the particular item is fresh or not,” said Neha, a college student. Certainly, street food seems to be more popular than restaurants in a city that is buzzing with newly-opened cafeterias and food outlets.

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